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Thread: Saturday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Saturday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Kitchens! Organize, clean, experiment, replenish cupboards, countertops, pantries, freezers, and refrigerators.

    School Challenge: Most of us are in break mode, but let's spend some time reorienting for summer mode.

    Inspiring Thought:
    All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. - Tolkien

    For me today:
    • make sure the senior board is done- the latest is R's friend is not making one.
    • make sure the slideshow gets done- the 40 people at this party who don't know our daughter, will know her when they leave
    • cut cilantro- a food contribution
    • make centerpieces- I just thought of some I have everything for and don't take any time. Woot!
    • pack up the supplies- paper goods, table covers, portable tables, etc
    • pick up the root beer keg
    • get everything over to the park- requiring several trips I'm sure
    • get the water and maybe lemonade made- and to the park (but I have to get the big containers from our friend first so more running back and forth)
    • graduation party- 1-4 (not including set up and clean up)
    • make something available for dinner- or order pizza (because I doubt people will fill up on the taco bar and the party ends at 4pm)
    • blog work- to relax this evening!

    Today is the big graduation party! Let's hope it all goes well and that our boys survive. They get to go swimming after being at the pavilion for a while. But, they are already done out from all the excitement and extra people this weekend. Yesterday was a hard day for them in so many ways. We have today to get through and then another birthday tomorrow which includes dinner out. It surely is a special weekend!

    This morning there are last minute things to accomplish before getting the party set up.

    I was going to update last night, but figured everyone had gone to sleep. I'll do that in a moment. Rebecca had a much better day at work although this one did physically tire her out. And the people situation was much better.

    Have an excellent summer Saturday!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Heather, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

    DH and I are getting ready to work in the yard. He is going to hold the walls of the new chicken run in place so I can attach them. I have a few straggler plants that still need to get in the ground. Also, I want to get this door project finished; it shouldn't take even an hour.

    Then, I have packing to do - We will be staging everything in the dining room - three people from our house and two more that are coming tonight. I think K is going to bake a few things for the trip as well. We are all so excited! Belle will be picking up more folks at the airport today.

    DH and I picked the new flooring for the basement last night. I love it! Ready to get it installed, but it will be a couple of weeks before I'm ready.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    Robin - I missed it, where are you headed? I hope the trip goes well.

    HW - I hope the graduation party is a memorable event for R and your family! Congratulations R!!

    I had a great time last night with friends celebrating Lea's birthday! The "Bodies: Animals Inside Out" exhibit was very cool and we all had a great time visiting and eating cake. She had a great time and was delighted so many people came out!

    We were up early this morning for a baseball game. Logan's team won- woot!- and now they go onto the finals.

    When we came home, there was a large turtle laying eggs in the front yard. She was finishing up so I watched from a distance for awhile.

    We all ate lunch and Dan is mowing.

    I am trying to get the kids to pick up in the house.

    Later today:
    I am driving to a hs friend's house and she is driving us over to the convention center to go shopping!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Good morning!

    Heather, I hope the party is going smoothly!

    Robin, where are the travelers going? Are you one of them?

    Angela, I'm glad the celebration went well! And yay for Logan!

    Yesterday was fun and full! After the kids went home with mil, I relaxed and read until dh came home. We went out to dinner and then I put together a cabinet for the pantry. Dh had originally bought it for the dining room and then found something he liked better, so the box had been sitting in the garage ever since. It's much bigger than I realized, but I think it will still work, so getting that in the pantry today is on my list, along with general organizing in there--which may take an extended period of time. Also:
    *Hobby Lobby--we need to pick lamps for our nightstands. It's so dark in there!
    *grocery store--to get things for ds's birthday dinner tomorrow night
    *Michael's--looking for baskets
    *PTE/grocery order

    And general puttering...I'm so thankful that we live in town now and all of the stops are less than two miles from our house. Seriously.

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Good afternoon! Just finishing up a late lunch.

    I've had a productive morning.
    • Wrote email those taking my class in the fall (they need to bring 20 photos, so I want them to have time to do so)
    • Went to a class at the gym
    • Quick grocery run for items needed for potluck tomorrow
    • Weeded the front flower beds
    • Watered strawberries
    • Currently watching Cubs on - they are the game of the day! (I very rarely get to watch them - yea!! )

    To do:
    • Bring dd to a tea party she is invited to that is at a co-op family's house
    • Write a letter to a friend
    • Psalm study
    • Tidy whole house
    • Do more work in bonus room?
    • Weed back flower beds

    Heather - hope the grad party goes well tonight!

    Robin - where are you going on your trip? Hope packing goes well!

    Angela - how fun to see a large turtle laying eggs! Congrats to Logan and his team! Glad last night was fun for your friend.

    Jen - our pantry is basically a large cabinet, so I can't imagine putting a cabinet inside it

    Quiet day on the DC thread! Hope everyone has a great afternoon!

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    Good afternoon!

    DH and I got the walls of the new chicken run up, and Princess and I put an old door in place to become my new morning glory trellis. Now I've showered and dressed and am packing. Fortunately I made my list out thoroughly earlier this week, and I know where everything is.

    I am driving my older two and another mom and her son to Olathe, Kansas, for the One Year Adventure Novel Summer Workshop. This is our 4th year and I thoroughly enjoy it. Belle is picking the other family up from the airport now. Y'all, if you're looking for a creative writing curriculum, I can't say enough about OYAN. DH is working from home and hanging with the youngers while I'm gone. They will have a good time.

    AR, the turtle thing. I love that!

    Jen, my dh and I went out last night; it's so nice to be able to do that.

    Joelle, I aspire to weed. But it's miserably hot. Maybe when I get back.
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    Joelle, I have had the cabinet sized pantry before--I was definitely more organized with it! I like the space I have now, but I'm bad about letting it get out of hand!

    Robin, I hope you guys have a great time!

    We ran errands--Hobby Lobby, Kirkland's, Lowe's, and the grocery store. We got lamps for our nightstand and for the cabinet in the pantry. We also bought a giant turtle statue. Because clearly that was a need we had.

    We've just been puttering...I ironed some, we put the lamps together, vacuumed, etc. I also did some PTE work. I'll wait to do the order because I won't pick it up until Monday.

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