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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Entryways, foyers, mudrooms, and laundry areas- hoe them out, work on closets, organize items, etc.

    School Challenge: Computer desks and flat school surfaces to kick off our week!

    Inspiring Thought:
    Look up and not down; look out and not in; look forward and not back, and lend a hand. - David McCullough, Mornings on Horseback

    For me today:
    • PTE
    • grocery shopping
    • morning meeting
    • last assignments- the boys owe me one piece of writing before our regular year closes out
    • blog work
    • POH time
    • play Memoir 44 with Isaac
    • help Isaac set up his meds
    • design thank you cards
    • reading/nature time
    • planner- leaning toward a bujo. I just cannot be hemmed in by forms. Maybe.
    • tidy the kitchen
    • desk work- really need this in both of my spaces!
    • project time- work with everyone on what's next/put in some time
    • make granola
    • put stuff away- still more to go from the weekend

    Another beautiful day on tap in upstate NY!

    I'm having planner problems. Any planner/bujo girls want to chime in, I'm all ears! My dilemma is that I can't print the planner I bought well without spending a ton of money. I wanted to customize and not buy the printed planner. Mistake. Part of me wants to play with the pages so that I can decide whether I'd buy the full planner next year. Another part of me sees that I want to make my own. However, part of the reason I wanted the planner was to be more intentional. So, I don't entirely love the structure of the pages, but they aren't totally out of my realm. I'm trying to see how I can make a planner that will help me to be more intentional with my business without losing some flexibility. Also, the business planner from the same source is not a part of the life planner.

    Do I want one planner that does it all? Do I want them separate? I'm just not sure! I'm not interested in planning my life to the minute, but I am interested in having some direction with my days and plans for my website.

    Have a fabulous day, everyone!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good Morning Ladies,

    It appears Logan has pink eye, but I am wondering if it is allergy related. I need to get him into the Dr today for drops.
    Logan's baseball game also got moved to tonight because it was rained out yesterday.
    Dan and I were supposed to attend a meeting at church this evening, but now I guess we need to cancel....

    Dan wants me to help him drop off the Xterra this morning.

    I also would like to continue testing.

    As usual, the day is already looking more complicated than I remember!

    I will try to check in later.
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    AR- I hope your day smooths out!

    I'm trying to get my printer to print. I've rebooted both the printer and my laptop. Let's see if I have better results.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Heather -- new phone is an iphone...6 not the new one. Your in laws should be noticing how amazing your kids are! They are NOT lame they are amazing!! Your POH weather last night sounded amazing!

    Jen -- glad your kids didn't need therapy and hope they don't after butchering.

    Lindsey -- hope your cold is better

    Joelle -- your Sunday sounded nice. And it is really good that your dd helps

    Angela -- YAY for goodwill drop off
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Good morning!

    Sorry for the planner woes, Heather!

    I hope Logan's eye clears up, Angela!

    Michelle,are you getting rain today? We have it now and it would be lovely to sit on a porch right now!

    Another busy one today...then it calms down a bit!

    *pack lunches
    *pay bills
    *take dd to gardening class
    *ds to swim team (eat on the way)
    *take dd to the yarn store to spend her gift card--while ds is at swimming
    *library--ds has a teen activity
    *clean out fridges
    *check on perks of water park pass--don't want them to go to waste!
    *dd to gymnastics
    *trash and recycling out

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Heather -- hope you get your printer working and find the right planner

    Angela -- sorry your day is starting complicated. Hope rest goes easily.

    Jen -- you do have a busy day! Suppose to get rain this evening and tomorrow.

    So far:
    • morning stuff & breakfast
    • load laundry washed & moved to drying
    • made bed
    • watered my plant
    • washed & refilled hummingbird feeders
    • swept porch
    • been enjoying my porch
    • text with friend

    When I walked outside this morning it was hot & humid but after being out a few mins it was ok. Of course the fan helped too .
    Now it feels like humidity has dropped some and it is cloudy with a breeze.
    Now I really don't want to move from my porch

    • write business letter
    • go to bank??
    • clip & file nails
    • get ds to put hook up for new plant
    • find new notepad app for my phone -- I am lost
    • supper?? maybe even make a plan for rest of week

    Mama gave me a pretty hanging plant & hook for my birthday. I really hope I don't kill it I am so BAD with plants. I

    Have a great day
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    HI, ladies,
    I'm playing catch up around here on the boards, as it's been awhile.

    I don't often get to ready everyone's threads completely through -- I've no idea how you gals keep up! But I do what I can.

    Kansas is hot!! That's all I can say about that.

    We are trying to setting into a routine for summer, which will mostly consist of school and music lessons, 4H fair projects, decluttering, and time with friends. My daughter is not a big "pool person" anymore, so we may try to make the most of our local lake for swimming and picnics this summer. You know how you have resources nearby and do not make use of them like you should? (okay, maybe that's just me....) Yeah, we have a great lake, though more for fishing and camping than other kinds of recreation. But we attended a birthday party there a couple of weeks ago and it was quite relaxing and fun! Need to go back!

    We also have a beautiful hiking trail literally "in our backyard" on the research site where we live. We need to get back to hiking that weekly, if not more often.

    Today is violin and piano lessons (I take her, even though my daughter can drive, as we take another teen with us and the lessons are near a dangerous highway intersection. )

    I might actually have a date night with my husband this evening! I think we will end up at Menards getting a light fixture for our hallway, but I'm actually excited about that -- ha!

    Heather: In an earlier thread, you asked what we were doing for our daughter's 18th this year. Frankly, I have no idea! She tends to just enjoy big parties with lots of our friends' families gathered around eating potluck, kids playing table games or soccer, etc. We need to get the conversation started for this year. Maybe another date night discussion with my husband for tonight!

    As far as a gift, we did foot the bill for Teen Pact Nat Con and so I know she is not expecting anything big. On the other hand, I want to encourage her in some of her career pursuits (she has declared she does not want to go to college ... we visit this often and the answer is the same). So, we need to discuss this some more. She loves baking (would love catering or working in a bakery); she is working hard on establishing a blog with more 'meat' to it and a following; she is great at music and we are encouraging her to give lessons; she loves gardening...... so a gift in those areas would be fun for her, we'll see.

    Heather again: So I saw that it was Joshua's birthday and he is 13! I was amazed, as it seems like only yesterday he was "J3"!

    Okay, off to our day! I'll check back again soon!
    Livin' on the prairie with special husband and wonderful young lady! (7/00)

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    Michelle- Oh and iPhone how nice! Well, I know they have amazing apps for that thing. Good luck finding the ones you like.

    Shelly- That's sounds great for an 18th birthday party. My older kids are thinking about a game night send off in August the week before they leave move to school. We'll see if that takes shape.

    Jen- What kind of gardening class is your daughter going to? One time or ongoing? You all have fun activities.

    AR- I hope Logan's eyes are doing better. Dan has had viral pink eye before. Right after Isaac was born. Nothing for it, but it doesn't spread either.

    • finally printed the class workbook
    • watched part 1 of a product launch class
    • PTE
    • gathered up things for the grocery store
    • listened to the Jeanie Birdsall edition of the RAR podcast- not finished but would love my kids to hear it
    • grocery store
    • groceries in and away
    • cleaned the powder room
    • made and took Dan his lunch- now that the pantry is full
    • cleaned off the table on the POH- yesterday I put out a table cloth. Think I'll do that again.
    • had Joshua put his bedding in the washer- I'll start it.
    • put away a lot of shoes in the foyer- got rid of two pairs that no longer fit
    • straightened up the floor in the front closet- in front of the shoe cubby

    That's a pretty good run so far. I'm going to get that bedding washing and watch the next segment of my class. Then I'll probably consider dinner so it's on time if I'm making something that takes a while.

    Right now I'm in the school room in front of large open windows, but I may migrate to the POH soon.

    Have a good afternoon!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Happy lunchtime again!

    Didn't get back on to post again last night...

    Dd had a great time volunteering yesterday! Yea! I think she will really enjoy doing this for several weeks this summer. She fell right asleep last night instead of being up until midnight worried about it. I think her anxiety about it is now gone.

    So far today:
    • Drop dd at church for day camp
    • watered plants
    • read a book to ds
    • general tidy
    • visited with a church friend who came over
    • researched visiting a few different state capitol buildings

    Up next:
    • eat lunch
    • Psalm study
    • organize scrapbooking stuff
    • work some on master bathroom and/or bonus room
    • Zumba at 7

    Kids both had free passes to the local water park that have to be used before July 4th. Ds can no longer go since he broke 2 bones. Dd is instead taking a friend and going with our pastor's family who has season passes. They will go after day camp since his 2 daughters are also volunteering. Dd should have fun! And ds isn't too bummed about not going. Maybe we can pay to go again later?

    Heather - I use a Bullet Journal, but might isn't 'pretty', just functional. Just a notebook with pages I fill up. I like that there are no rules, and I even change my style throughout the book to adapt it to what I need it for at that time. I think I'm on my 4th one.

    Angela - boo, pinkeye I hope he heals quickly

    Jen - wow, that is a busy day you are having! Hope it all goes smoothly

    Michelle - I got a hanging flower basket on mother's day. I've almost killed it twice. Good luck with yours!

    Shelly - enjoy your Menards date night We have dates like that sometimes

    Hope everyone has a lovely afternoon!

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    • got the bedding washing
    • watched two more course segments- on product launching (a "free" class offered this week as a sales funnel for a course on the topic)
    • started my full product launch course- trying to learn a lot here
    • switched the bedding to the dryer
    • started some boy laundry
    • put out the table cloth on the POH table
    • filled the pill caddy for the week for Isaac- sigh. This protocol is a difficult one. I hate Lyme disease.
    • folded a load of kitchen towels- and put them away
    • had the grocery bags put away
    • made sure basement pantry items were put away

    I think I'm going to retire to the POH for a while. I'm going to work on my launch course, I think. That will give me a to do list to work on for a proper product launch.

    The weather is splendid. Mid 70s and sunny with a clear, blue sky and a breeze. The breeze is stronger today, but it's still lovely.

    Then it will probably be time to make dinner.

    How's everyone doing this afternoon?
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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