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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    Hi friends,

    I hope you are all well. We have had a busy week and I wanted to come touch base.

    Sat - We drove a couple of hours to where my mom lives and dropped off our 18yo with her for the remainder of the day. Dh and I went to a wedding of 2 of my son's and dil's best friends (one was his best man and the other a bridesmaid for our DIL). It was beautiful and so much fun to have time to hang out with their friends. They used to come to our house for hours and it was just great to be with them again. They have the most amazing friend group - its something I pray for for each of my other children.

    Sun - Hung out with my mom, sister and bil. Fun day. Then drove to mountains for orientation for 18yo.

    Mon & Tue - Orientation at App State. It was beautiful and the sessions were very helpful. I'm impressed by their attitude toward both the parents (see them as partners) and the students (high focus on retention). Joshua's roommate was also there with him which was nice that they could experience this together.

    Heather - I would love to hear more about your summer schedule with teens. I find it really hard to coordinate things with mine. I hope your son is soon feeling better.
    Angela - Your meeting sounds awesome! I have the book sitting around but have not read it yet.
    Cindy - How scary for your dd! I'm glad she was able to get help from the police and the apt and y'all!
    Paige - Congrats! Well done!
    Michelle - I hope you have a great day!
    Jen - You are so productive! My list is not so impressive.

    I'm still playing catch up from being gone. On my list for the week:
    *Work on high school co-op for next year
    *Organize FIAR group - field trips, moms meetings, family event, etc
    *Go through games and figure out which ones we can let go of. Trying to determine how to get rid of them too. Wait for fall consign sale or ???
    *School work with 18yo. He still has a lot to do before school starts.
    *Set up summer routines with the others.
    *Plan birthday party for 13yo.

    That's it.
    Leslie Nelsen, Family Room Moderator
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    Michelle-- Yes, the upgrade is very nice. They have been wonderful. It probably helps that all the managers are women. And yes, the officer said that if he tries to approach her at all, she should call them right away. She's a very alert girl. She took a self-defense class in college, and she's not afraid to use it. She has pepper spray with her too, but her boyfriend told her not to use it. He said odds of incapacitating yourself in the process of using it on someone else are very high. I'm curious to hear what the complex is going to do. He's only lived there 1 month, so it'll be interesting.

    So far:
    • emptied dish drainer
    • cleared kitchen sink and cleaned it well
    • tidied kitchen counters
    • put away rest of groceries that have been sitting on the floor in bags since Saturday
    • sorted the mail
    • did a science lesson with ds11
    • put some books on hold at the library; we need a new read aloud
    • lunch done and cleaned up

    Ds11 has a gunky throat and cough. It's weird. He hasn't had a fever, isn't tired, doesn't feel poorly in any way, and is his regular self. But he's had it since last Friday. I thought maybe it was allergy related when it started, but he doesn't even have a runny nose. Strange. So besides being annoying, I guess he's fine. I'm giving him homeopathic cough and gunk stuff now, that we use for colds. I probably should have given him that sooner.

    Now I'm heading outside on this absolutely gorgeous day to sit in the sun for a bit, and work on a lesson. Dh is working the funeral home tonight, so no plans to cook. The boys are easy because they just eat their stand-by sandwiches. Ds11 is downstairs playing the piano, and ds20 is watching World Cup soccer.
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    Good afternoon! Just popping in quick because I have to leave again. Reality was waiting when we got home...

    Cindy, I read about Erica's apartment! So glad they moved her and hope the creepy dude miraculously becomes less creepy! And tell her to keep 911 on speed dial on her phone when she's in the parking lot!

    We brought Nathaniel back on Monday and stayed the night to visit as long as possible. He so needed the break! Paige, waved down the highway to your sister(and parents?) and then noticed the high school when we drove by!

    Headed out Tuesday morning to Atlanta. Left later than planned, which meant only 3 hours to play tourist. Aquarium was way more than I wanted to pay for 3 hrs, so we decided on World Of Coca Cola. Was interesting. Not sure I'd pay to visit it again, but it was a good first visit. Kids liked the tasting room best. We had tasted a few at Disney in Epcot, but they had a lot more in Atlanta. Some were really good, some were okay and a few were absolutely disgusting! Beverly, I'm calling you out! ~shudder~

    Made it to the airport, although late. There was an accident that resulted in a car fire on I75, so we arrived 20 minutes late to return our van and the security was crazy!!! We got to the gate 20 minutes before boarding. We had planned to arrive early enough to eat, but it was tight. I went to the closest food vendor with the shortest line and grabbed some subs. We all shared them at the gate waiting for boarding. Julie is scared of flying too, so we sat together and both cried during take-off. I HATE flying. The return flight was my 8th flight ever and I still cry every take-off and landing. She usually sits with her dad, but she wanted to sit with me. She said she felt better with a cry buddy.

    Landed at Logan in Boston and called the hotel for the shuttle. Took them awhile, sigh and then there was another accident between the airport and hotel. Jiminy! Between the late arrival and the accident, it was midnight before we got to the hotel and all crashed.

    Well, except Bekah and I. In the shuttle ride, I was checking on-line and found out a friend of Bekah's passed away in a car accident over the weekend. Sigh... She was quite shaken up. Not a close friend, but a girl she danced with in Boston last summer. There was a group of 5 girls who basically spent the summer intensive together. One of those girls. She spent Tuesday night and yesterday just talking about memories. They kept saying they should get together since they both lived in Maine, but never did. Just kept up with occassional texts and Bekah always figured she would meet up with her at dance stuff.

    Yesterday, we drove home and made a few stops. We always stop in Kittery for Lindt outlet. And then at a store dh wanted to show me in Augusta. We got home about 1:30pm and I left at 2:45 to bring Bekah to Bangor for dance. Didn't get home until 9pm.

    Today, slept in late and dh got everyone else going
    -Took Bekah with me to chiro
    -Walmart for groceries, food for an event this weekend and Father's Day stuff
    -dropped stuff off at local greenhouse
    -home for lunch
    -just checked in here
    -leave in 5 minutes back to Bangor
    -drop Bekah at dance
    -find something to occupy my time(3 hours)
    -dh will bring Julie to her softball game, if the weather allows. Been raining off and on all day. YAY!!
    -Nick and Ben will watch the little boys

    That's today! And I gotta go! Check back later, or tomorrow!
    Shay, wife to Rod and mom to Nathaniel(23), Benjamin(20), Nicholas(18), Rebekah(16), Julianne(11), Jonathan(8)and Joshua(4)

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    Good afternoon!

    Never got on here yesterday. Didn't feel like I did much since I spent a bunch of time going back and forth in the car for appointments and such.

    Dd continues to enjoy helping at daycamp at our church. I'm very glad. Last summer she spent a lot of time moping around complaining that there were no friends in the neighborhood, etc. She's getting to hang out with other youth her age (while working) and I think she feels like she has a purpose this summer. Yea!

    I'm fighting 4 (! !) cold sores on my upper lip right now. I haven't had one for several months before this. I guess they are deciding to all come out at once. I hate them. Ick!! I've been putting on abreva like crazy. Hopefully they will disappear soon.

    I don't remember if I posted this on Tuesday evening....I went over to the neighbor's house to find ds. I went right to the gate since I heard them in the backyard. I peeked through the fence and found ds on their trampoline hopping on one foot, with his walking boot off!!! Thankfully he didn't damage anything. He was grounded for 2 days from playing with any friends and from screen time of any sort. He's been managing okay - getting out things to play with that he's ignored for awhile. Dh and I told him how he could have snapped the 2 broken bones and possibly have needed surgery. He is just oblivious to the whole thing and thinks he is invincible. I'm really looking forward to him being able to play normally again. He is hard to contain!!

    Done so far today:
    • Dropped dd at church for day camp volunteering
    • Mailed some bills and letters
    • Weeded the side yard by the strawberries and watered strawberries
    • Washed pile of cleaning rags I've been ignoring
    • Ran a cleaning tablet through the washer - smells much better!!
    • Did a load of ds's laundry
    • Cleaned/organized in garage (mostly just putting things away/throwing things away/sweeping) There is a bunch more that needs to be done when dh is home. Looks much better, though

    Coming up soon:
    • Pick up dd from church
    • Drop books at library while out
    • Another load or 2 of laundry
    • fix/eat dinner
    • Zumba at gym

    I feel pretty good about what I've gotten done today. I think I'm making up for yesterday.

    Heather - hope you're enjoying a lot of time on the POH

    Paige - congrats to Cale's team and to him! That is fantastic!!

    Michelle - hope you're making good progress on a project! I feel I get a lot more done when I'm home all day.

    Cindy - WOW - what a story! I would totally be freaked out if that happened to me. Hope creepy guy leaves Erica alone!

    Jen - I've forgotten to turn on the crockpot several times - I'll have to remember your 'trick' with the keys!

    Leslie - glad it was a good orientation for your son's college

    Shay - I'm always glad to be back home after vacation, even when I enjoyed every minute of it. Hope all the routines fall back into place easily

    Time to go get dd!

    Have a lovely afternoon/evening!

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    Good afternoon, all

    Joelle -- I would have been so upset at my ds, too, if he'd done that
    AND, the "old" family secret at my house is to use preparation H on your cold sores. Yep -- hemmroid cream It sounds disgusting, but it truly works. Thankfully, I've never had trouble with it, but I have several cousins who have, and it works like a charm. I even told our school secretary one time. She tried it, and she was a convert. She told me, "I now have 2 tubes, one labeled B for bottom and T for top"

    Shay -- what a trip! Sounds exhausting and so sorry for Bekah So hard!

    Cindy -- Yikes! Creepy guys scare me!!! I'm glad she was able to move and hope he does follow her over there!!!

    Everyone else

    We got a lot accomplished today.
    I ran my errands
    Got laundry caught up (it wasn't too bad, but I didn't need it to get out of control)
    Got the house re-tidied
    Cleaned out the trailer -- BIG job !!! AND discovered that the air conditioner isn't working NOT good!!! We're supposed to leave for Singing School in a week. In June. In AL. So, dh is calling to see if he can find one that he and a friend can install. If he can't get it done in time, we've called the mom of our good friends (preacher and his wife) to see if we can borrow their small motor home (we had to do that when the trailer fell apart on the way to the beach). She said we can borrow theirs if need be. Our poor trailer is 15 years old. It still looks great on the inside, but ..... We actually replaced the air conditioner 10 years ago, and here we go again. We want to keep this trailer until we don't need one of this size with kids any more. But, with singing school, I NEED it for a while longer ..... and we don't want to buy another one

    Cut up watermelon for the party tonight.
    Just decided to put color on my hair. I've been meaning to do that, and it was either to wash it before the party or color it, so I decided just to go ahead and bite the bullet -- HA!
    Up next is a shower and to dry my hair.
    We leave at 530.

    The girls are spending the night with the graduate. There are some out-of-town friends there, so they'll all hang out this evening, and I think they're going to come over here to swim in the morning.

    Ya'll have a good evening!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Leslie -- glad the wedding was nice and orientation too!!

    Shay -- so sorry about Bekah friend. Sounds like you need a vacation to recover from vacation Sounds like it was a good one! Happy for you!!

    Joelle -- glad your ds didn't hurt foot worse & yeah I would be mad!! YAY for dd helping & enjoying.

    Paige -- hope dh can fix the ac!! Definitely need it!!I

    I don't know what I have gotten done Here is what I remember:
    • dusted
    • gave certificate to a mom that stopped by
    • talked to neighbor a minute
    • load laundry start to finish
    • cleared junk from kitchen counters
    • made casserole & stuck in fridge -- for supper
    • made slaw dressing -- taking slaw tomorrow night
    • washed dishes
    • went thru a 2 baskets of dh clothes. Put his jeans & wind breaker pants away
    • ran dh shorts thru dryer to dewrinkle then folded and put back in his basket
    • looked in gift box --found a garden flag -- eagle & flag
    • straightened most of mess in my bedroom -- from going thru stuff
    • decorated my living room mantle with flags & red, white & blue stuff
    • hung garden flag I found & the other new one I bought out front
    • talked to mama for awhile when she dropped ds2 off
    • had ds1 put hook up & hang my new plant
    • stuck casserole in oven.

    Mama didn't get out of the truck, I just stood and talked to her. She brought ds2 back about 4:15. We talked til about 4:35. She leaves and ds1 pulls up not even 5 minutes later.
    Cam said he saw her at stop sign down street and she waved.

    J2 came down about 3 minutes after Car for home. They talked until Cam got home then they all headed down to J3 to swim.

    Glad the boys are getting to swim after working outside all day. Temps been running 103-105 since before noon.

    Ok off to check casserole.
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Michelle- I like flags. I just got rid of a bunch of the ones I used to hang for decoration because they were faded. I like to hang an American flag off of my front porch, but my flag pole broke. I may just get a new one. Of course that flag would look more charming if I weeded the garden in front of it and the front steps weren't looking like they need fixing. That's on Dan's list for the summer...the steps not the garden. He's going to rebuild them. They were not made right. The rise and run are different lengths/heights and they are hard to walk on!

    Joelle- your son's foot story sounds like he's a boy! My son is going to college with a pile of accommodations and he still thinks he's invincible. He's very 19yo male.

    Paige- Hopefully the a/c will come together for you. RVs are so much maintenance!

    Shay- Welcome home!

    Cindy- Gunky throats without a runny nose sure can be allergies. I hope he feels better!

    - There isn't much of a routine as yet, but we do go into summer mode which includes various activities for the kids. My college kids are finishing up work before they go off to school and they are working. The younger teens are going to be busy with projects, reading aloud, and one of them must do math. Oh and my 13yo will be doing foreign language via Rosetta Stone.

    Since earlier:
    • made a medical insurance call- mission accomplished but barely and the woman was rude
    • listened to more of my course- I'd like to get to more of the blog items on my list, but learning is important. I'll stick with this till it's finished. Then do some more writing until I watch another course- in short order.
    • read through Isaac's Byline assignment- the last one for the year. Had a nice conference with him where he narrated the assignment to me with information on the components to be included. Then we talked about his work. It's really nice! Definitely some things to work on, but this kid loves history and his writing is coming along with all the books on history he reads. Love it!
    • consolidated medicines- we are ridiculous Packed away Ethan's meds except for his Allegra. Not going to ditch them yet, but I collected them and put them in storage. Then put Isaac's meds into a container where I had E's in a cabinet. I have a little more work to do here, but the bottles take up so much counter space they need to get to them all the time. Still need to make the migraine routine look better, but it's all a start. I was happy to pack E's away!
    • picked R up from work- she got off early
    • went to the pediatrician's office- picked up the college kids' immunization records (they have so many things due and this is one of them)
    • heard how R's day went- pretty well, but it was windy and they had to evacuate the large tent
    • made dinner
    • had boys help me clean up
    • washed dishes
    • made applesauce in the IP- to help Isaac take his xylitol
    • listened to the rest of a podcast on RAR- the last of the season I guess. I can't believe she's really been going 13 seasons!

    Now I think I'll listen to the end of the podcast again to copy a quote I really liked. Then see what's up after that.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    • cleaned up a potty and the floor around it- ahem
    • had recycling from the house taken to the bins in the garage
    • ordered a new bathing suit top- I don't fit into the size chart well and I just did a web chat with poor Lance at Lands' End. He helped me determine that the cup size on the suit I have (that I bought three years ago now) is not right. hahaha But, I just ordered a new tankini top at half off. I told him ah...I was a size off in the cup. That explains a lot. Let's just say I wear a swim shirt over top!
    • loaded and ran the dishwasher- the night is flying by. It's done already and that cycle is over two hours long.

    Now I'm ready to listen to more of my course. This one seems to go on forever!

    I hate to spend the money on that tankini top, but mercy...a good fitting suit is so important. And I obviously didn't do a good job the last time. I hope this one fits better!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Heather -- Lance Hope the new top fits. YAY for packing up E's meds!!
    A lot of my red, white & blue decorations came from dollar tree. Some I bought last year and some this year. They have some cute stuff.
    This year I got 2 plaque/wall hanging pieces that hung out in the porch along with some ribbons. And then 1 of the eagle flags.
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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