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    I remember a few years ago {I think it was that long..} someone was seeking a recipe for sausage, & I thought {or maybe I hope} it was Italian Sausages. My grandma use to get them fresh from the butchery & bring them to our home when we lived in NY State, it was YEARS before we could get "authentic" ones in TN, & the recipe my parents used was "okay".Well now I live overseas & something in all my life I never thought I'd miss is a good Italian Sausage.. only the only ones in the shop are NOT even CLOSE to the real deal.

    So, any chance anyone has a tried & true recipe? I've tried a few from the web & they've all been total fails. I have another flagged to try this week {even hubby is getting desperate}, but I thought if anyone had a tried & true one?!
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    Kendra, I wish I had a recipe to share! Like you, I've tried several from the internet and none are even close to what I'm looking for.

    Hope someone else has a great recipe and shares it here so I can try it too!
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