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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Got back from our trip late on Saturday. Sunday was worship and then settling back in. Yesterday was piles of laundry, putting away tons of toiletries, etc. House is starting to feel put back together.

    Trip was good. I had hoped to do a lot of scrapbooking with my mom, but it turned into gathering and organizing photos. They were in boxes all over the place. Now they are mostly in order. I took all of them with me, along with her unused scrapbooking pages and supplies. I will do the scrapbooking here.

    She has gotten more forgetful. We had the same conversation about several topics several times. That doesn't bother me too much. What was more unsettling was that she forgot something major for a moment. We were driving from my brother's house to their home - a 45 min. trip on the interstate. We went past the exit for the home I grew up in - where they moved away from in 2005. She asked me if I was going to get off at that exit. When I told her it was a few more miles still she waited a beat and then said, "That's right, we don't live in Crystal Lake anymore" Don't know what she'll be like whenever I get back to IL again. I was glad for my 2 weeks with them both.

    Enjoyed time with my brothers also. The 5 siblings and 2 spouses did an escape room one night - we escaped with 90 seconds to spare! Very fun. We had a sibling meeting to discuss my parents (dad is in a wheel chair, mom is forgetful). Decided they are okay right now, but we need to keep an eye on them, visit/call more, etc. Aging stinks sometimes!

    Our drive back and forth went well. We stopped to see the Capitol buildings in NE, IA, WI, MN, and SD. They are all so beautiful to see! Also stopped at the Corn Palace and Wall Drug in SD - because of course you need to do that! Dh unfortunately got a speeding ticket in WY. A very obvious speed trap. Goes immediately from 70 mph to 30 mph. Then as you're leaving it seems like you should be outside of town - has been a bit with nothing around, so he was slowly speeding up - was at 51 mph in the still 30 mph. After that it goes right back up to 70 mph from 30 mph about a tenth of a mile from where we were pulled over. So - we get to mail a pretty big money order to Shoshoni, WY. Watch out if you ever drive through there!!

    Ds got permission to take off the walking boot yesterday - yea!! It was hard on the trip - unable to swim, etc. But he did great. I'm just praying that he stays calm (i.e. no jumping all over like he normally does) so that it can continue healing. The dr. said he needs to take it easy for 3 more weeks. Then he should be fine.

    So far today:
    • 2 more loads of laundry (did 5 yesterday)
    • ran/emptied dishwasher
    • hand washed other dishes
    • tidied all over
    • watered strawberries
    • ran kids to camp at church (dd to be a volunteer, ds to go to his 1 week of camp - Legos this week!)

    Still to come:
    • Organize/put away photos and scrapbooking materials brought back from parents' house
    • nap - I'm still feeling off from our trip
    • pick up dc at 3:30
    • quick bank run (deposit and money order)
    • prep meal
    • class at gym - zumba - need to get back to exercising!

    Heather - hope traveling goes well for your family. They wouldn't have liked our trip - we had several days of 10 - 12 hours of driving!

    Michelle - glad you had a safe trip yesterday and enjoyed time with your mom. Moments like that are treasures!

    Jen - that is a busy day! Hope you get to enjoy a lot of reading time

    Cindy - why did your ds want to be at WM so early? Was there some giveaway or activity, or he just randomly picked a time?

    Lindsey - how many interns do you have right now? Hope setting up the school calendar goes well. I'll be thinking about next year soon.

    Shay - Ick on the mouse mess! Hope they stay away or that you are able to get rid of them all.

    Robin - hope you are able to take a nap and it helps your headache.

    Angela - I've never gone to CFA's cow appreciation day either. Is it always 7/10? I wouldn't want to go today - we ate too much fast food on our trip.

    Hope everyone has a lovely afternoon!

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    Hello from PA!

    *packed our clothes
    *made sure kids were packed
    *ran to Walmart - got a bunch of clothes for Ethan. It was overdue and when he said a pair was missing, I went on down. Another trip like that and he should be good for school.
    *directed more packing - meds, chargers, my bags of things, the game bag
    *ate lunch
    *Rebecca made cow masks - AR, they have printable masks on the website . She made her own.
    *kitchen was a team effort
    *trash was collected
    *loaded the van
    *hit the road

    We are about two hours from our CFA dinner stop. Then another hour to my in-laws. We made a stop already not far from Scranton.

    The back seat riders are sipping ginger ale.

    I'll be sure to share our cfa moment.

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    Hey all Just managing to get on .....

    AR -- Katie says that an easy way she's seen to make a cow outfit is to make Sharpie "spots" on a white garbage bag and wear the bag
    BTW, she worked today She said it was crazy!

    Heather -- hope travels are going well! Can't wait to see CFA pics!

    Michelle -- glad you had a good visit with your Mama

    JOELLE -- glad to see you back. Sounds like you had a good visit with family. Sorry about your Mama and sorry about the speeding ticket! We noticed several spots like that in Western towns. We hit Wall Drug last year, too

    Robin -- that's an early morning

    Cindy -- what time did your ds sleep too after the early morning wake up? Did you make it to WM?

    Lindsey -- How fun to sing duets with the interns!

    Shay -- mice We had some in our trailer, and I had to clean and sanitize everything before singing school. UGH! We've had them in the house before, too -- country living -- and have had to clean out the pantry, wash everything, etc. Yuck!

    Jen -- hope you've had a good day despite the busy-ness!

    * kids worked in the garden this morning picking produce and weeding some
    * while I folded lots of clothes and talked to my friend Tracie and then my sister
    * about 1030, we ran to town
    -- library to the friends of the library for a specific book
    -- JCPenny to exchange a belt for dh -- the girls bought him one last weekend per his request but bought the wrong size....
    -- Sams for lunch and a few things
    -- Academy to return a pair of jeans. Bought several collapsible chairs that were on sale (getting ready for the beach in August )

    * got home and relaxed a bit
    * then we've vacuumed and swept the entire downstairs
    * cleaned the kitchen
    * washed potatoes and cut them up for roasted potatoes for supper
    * M. washed peppers and squash and zucchini for us to get ready for the freezer (or to eat tonight)

    and that's why I'm just getting online......

    Another full day....
    Hope ya'll have a good evening!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Good afternoon! I am just home from my errands and still awake. It's stinking hot out there. I am going to change into some work clothes (comfy and hole-y) and then accomplish... something... indoors. Maybe I'll pack a box. Maybe I'll clean off the computer table. Either way.

    K and P are preparing a tea party to enjoy outdoors with the new tea serving things they got at a garage sale last weekend. By the time they're finished, it will be reasonably comfortable in the shade.

    Enjoy your afternoon!

    Joelle, those are some hard conversations. DH's fam had one about their dad several years ago; I think it's time to have one about his mom. My sister and I were on the same page with our mom after Daddy died, but it was hard to accept what needed to happen.
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    Checking in from our digs for the week. Rebecca and I usually stay in the main building in a guest room, but it was already booked so we are all at the house. Three on the floor on air mattresses, one on a futon, and we got the bed.

    We made it to CFA about 6pm and wore/displayed our masks. Totally worth the half price cost for a family of six! Plus, it was fun to be a part of it all.

    Everyone is chilling out before sleeping.

    Have a great night!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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