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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Good Evening!
    What a lovely weather day today. Currently 81*F/dew point 56*F. Summer perfection. Blue skies and a slight breeze. We'll be heating back up to the upper 80's though for the weekend.
    I didn't spend any time outside though. Just while walking in and out of the tutoring center, and driving there and back. Tomorrow looks to be nice too.

    • email management and a little reading
    • cleared the dish drainer and the kitchen sink
    • washed 2 blankets and hung them outside on the line... gotta go bring those in
    • finished up tutor lessons, gathered supplies, and packed my bag
    • tutored my two students
    • home at 6:05pm and warmed up supper for the boys and myself... dh is at the funeral home tonight
    • had ds11 pick up his clothes from the bathroom and put them in his room basket

    That's been it for me so far. I still have some groceries from yesterday that need put away, so I'll do that.
    My CBD order arrived while I was gone, so I'll open that box and look things over. Not sure what else I want to start.

    Amy-- I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I'm sure you will be a blessing to the family.

    Michelle-- Thanks for reminding me to plug in my phone. It looks like you had a nice day.

    Jen-- Busy days for you. I hope you get to bed early tonight.
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    Blueberry-peach crisp is baking right now. We are having a dessert picnic with our new co-op tonight. Yummy!!

    Don't feel like I did much today...
    • Core workout at gym
    • Dropped kids at church daycamp
    • Contact someone from the dept. of aging in IL re. my parents. Wanted to know what help is available
    • Called 2 of my 4 brothers to discuss what I learned from above phone call
    • Psalm study
    • Watered outside plants
    • Tidied downstairs
    • Looked at our money situation (always a little tight after vacation!!!)
    • Met a church friend for 'coffee' (I actually had a smoothie) to chat before we picked up our kids from daycamp
    • Took dd to a med. appt. (just routine)
    • Read my Newbery book during dd's appt. (yea!)
    • Made dessert for tonight

    I guess I got things done, but I felt like I puttered around a bunch.

    • eat a quick dinner
    • go to dessert picnic
    • make a summer plan for next 6 weeks
    • Get to bed at a decent time! (it has been after midnight for too many nights!)

    Amy - so sorry to hear about your friend!

    Heather - hope the appt. went well.

    Robin - another busy day for you! Hope all went well.

    Cindy - I thought about your dew point and humidity updates when we were in IL. Nothing is said about either out here in ID. Not worth mentioning. I definitely noticed some thick humidity while we were there!

    Michelle - you are always so kind and thoughtful of others!

    Paige - math already??!! We don't start anything until after Labor Day. I like my summers!

    Angela - I hope you got a nap. There are days when I definitely need one!

    Jen - what a fun party! Annoying about the credit card - ugh!

    Crisp is done - time to eat some real food before going to the park and eating a lot of dessert! Have a splendid evening!

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