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Thread: OK High School friends...

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    Our process is simple, and it's a three-part process. After lots of trial and error, this is where I landed and it's been working for us from upper elementary through high school for the last few years.

    First is the assignment sheet. It is a grid on a piece of paper, and it has room for each subject, and some blank areas. At the beginning of the year, I date the top for each week, and put the assignments for that week in the appropriate space. I print out the whole year, have it spiral bound at Staples (as I do all these). I keep this one.

    Next is the planning page. We have come up with a week calendar format that suits us. It's in landscape format, with a six-day week spreading across two facing pages, so when you open it up you can see the whole week. On Tuesday morning (the start of our week) the kids use their assignment book to plan out how they will get their work done, also planning around things like soccer practice and appointments and lunch with Grammie and babysitting and so forth.

    Finally is the journal page. You could use a spiral notebook for this. Every day they record what they did that day.

    To put it all together: This helps them know where they should be (the assignments I have given them) at the end of each week, and it gives them the practice in using that information to plan out their week. The journal page is their own wrap-up, or reminder, of where they were v. where they should be. Every couple of weeks I sit down with each one and find out where they are (on target? ahead? behind?). If they are behind, why? Where do they need help (in the academics, or the time management?)
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    We still use and love Homeschool Tracker Plus. There is quite a bit of prep on the front end, but after that I just print out a weekly assignment sheet and input grades once a week. Then I can print out an official looking transcript for graduation.
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    I keep an undated planner that I created myself for each subject. I color the boxes as the assignments are completed, so I always know where the kids are supposed to be. Each weekend I put the next weeks lesson plans into Scholaric - keeping in mind all of our commitments for the week. I have a 12th grader (most of her classes are outsourced - co-op, local college) 9th grader, and 7th grader.

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    My students have planners to know what's expected of them each week & they can break it down as they wish. Admittedly one hates a planner & generally makes a check-list instead. I don't plan much because at this phase in my life I purchase things already planned out. I open my personal planner & pencil off when our 4 terms of school will be {we do 4-10 week terms with 2 weeks off between, & then a large chunk off at the end of the year...}

    I also use Homeschool Minder to track grades & attendance, because it's simple to use, & being online means that international moves won't mean I've lost important paperwork.
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