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Thread: Friday DECLUTTERING!

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    LOOOOONG day!

    Coop went well! We did easy journaling today - bullet points. They did well and we finished with time to spare! Next week will still be easy - the 5 W's. Hopefully the routine of doing the journaling and matting the photos will be down by the time we get to harder styles of journaling. They all said they enjoyed today's project! Yea!

    Then we went to our church to help set up for the yard sale - we were there from 1-5. It was HOT! Got most of the items out, but there are still some bags/boxes of misc. items in the barn (our church owns the barn that was on the property from the previous owners - very useful for storage!). Also heavy furniture. The rest will be put out in the morning. We were there for 2 hours on our own. I had to keep shooing away people who wanted to buy stuff I had no money and am not good at setting prices. I'm making them wait!

    I have to make dinner now. I have to get my BSF prep done (meeting at 7 am tomorrow!). I don't think I'll get to laundry. Hopefully soon!! Tomorrow will be BSF meeting, quick nap, help with garage sale. Yea.

    Thanks for the words of advice for my dd. She is better today, but it is bound to come back (maybe in 28 days )

    Jen - I looked more at the article about the playground. I have been to the Daly playground in Chicago - awesome! The slides were HUGE! I enjoyed going down them too
    The one is Chicago had several sections like that too. We had to get back to the train on time, so we didn't have adequate time to check it all out. Someday we'll get back there!

    Cindy - yes, open house = come at any time. Silly people!

    Heather - I need to call our eye dr. I really need to get bifocals soon! It hurts to read sometimes, and taking off my glasses to do so is annoying!

    Robin - for finishing the floor! Great job!

    Everyone - have a lovely evening!

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    I had a full Friday:
    -made pumpkin muffins
    -talked to my mom
    -chatted with my BFF
    -history with A & H
    -grammar with A & H
    -math with H
    -phonics with H
    -math with A
    -phonics with A
    -discussion about schedules with W
    -planned the orchard
    -measured out the orchard. We are planting 25 trees!
    -helped dh plant trees
    -cleaned the tub
    -cleaned the toilet
    -cleaned the sink
    -mopped the bathroom
    -mopped the washroom
    -made pasta sauce & cooked pasta
    -folded 2 loads of laundry
    -wrote inscriptions on about 15 bricks for the orchard project

    Now it’s Saturday morning here and I’m taking the day to relax. Have a great weekend ladies!

    Heather, I’m glad your college kids are settling in.
    Angela, Here’s hoping it stays a non-event!
    Michelle, Humming birds always remind me of my orthodontist. He had a huge window looking into a courtyard with humming bird feeders hung along the windows so his patients could watch them.
    Joelle, I think I’ll be in the same place with math. Hudson is redoing LOF Decimals, but then I think we will move on to pre-algebra and he’s in 6th grade. Math is his favorite subject (even though it is so not mine! )
    Robin, hooray for finishing the floor!
    Jen, the park sounds neat, but I’m with you. I’m not into parks at 90+ degree weather.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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    Cindy -- uh I always thought open house meant come and go between those hours

    Joelle -- no help with dd but to you. YAY for good co-op and yard sale set up

    Jen -- that park looks cool! And loved the pictures of last night

    Heather -- YAY for new pen, Yes we have been doing outdoor classroom awhile. Some days we have activities and some days it is just hang out time. Usually we do the activity in the morning, eat lunch (bring your own) and then hang out and play time.
    Some activities have been short hike, visiting Indian burial mound, pontoon boat ride, kayak & canoeing, pontoon boat ride out to island & archaeological hike on island, swimming in the lake, eagle tours, making bird feeders, making moonsand, making nature ornaments, cleaning up around the eagle enclosures & a bunch of flower beds and putting down new mulch, just to name a few.

    Robin -- AWESOME on floors and rehoming stuff!! Enjoy your nachos and shake!!

    Lindsey -- pumpkin muffins. Been seeing a lot of pumpkin stuff in stores and recipes. Think I am going to fix something pumpkin soon.

    Today was nice.
    Picked up my friend and dd and we went to outdoor classroom. Today was suppose to be a trip to a museum 1.5hours away but people couldn't make it. It was a very small group today. So we went to the "ninja park". Kids did the obstacles then played & of course went out on the pier. The pelicans were out on the lake and flying over. Saw an eagle flying over too.
    The moms enjoy sitting and talking. It was warm (near 100) but under the trees didn't feel to bad.

    Dropped friend off at her house then went to the grocery. We have a thing Sunday and I had an idea for food.

    Fixed supper and cleaned up.

    T came over then all the guys went to the football game.
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Well, tonight after dinner we took the boys rollerskating. It's at an outdoor rink that is ice during the cold season and concrete the rest of the time. Every other week on Fridays in the summer a guy comes with a trailer full of rollerskates and they have a skate. We'd been once before and tonight the boys wanted to go.

    Dan shredded is college inline skates. Literally. He threw them away and I couldn't believe he didn't get a picture. I stuck my phone in the trash can and snapped one! Sentimental moment and all that.

    And we ended up in convenient care with Isaac who has likely broken his arm. The xray was not read by a radiologist and the dr on call was not sure, but we've had broken arms before and this has all the earmarks- including not so bad right when it happens, but then the pain increases and doesn't go away. He's splinted for the weekend and he just got some ibuprofen. Let's hope that will help him until Monday when we go to the orthopedic dr.

    I didn't see him fall, but Dan came and told me (I was helping Joshua who cannot handle the crowd so I shadow him slowly- seeing as he's not confident yet). We both just looked at each and said, "of course" when he told me we probably had to go.

    Seriously...we really cannot try to have any sort of fun. Like ever. Sigh.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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