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Thread: Welcome home to all the FIAR Homecoming mamas!

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    I finally have a moment to give a bit longer of an update, but I have totally LOVED reading all about what has been going on in all of your lives!!!

    My dd1 (19) struggled with Auditory Processing Disorder but has plodded through and is in community college now. She is hoping to eventually transfer to Liberty University and complete their nursing program. She is living with her grandparents, in another part of VA.

    My ds1 (17) who was my nature lover, but very much to himself, survived a traumatic brain injury earlier this year, after falling from his skateboard. We've had a heck of a journey these last 5 months, with him being on a ventilator, a skull fracture, jaw fracture, hip fracture and 2 frontal lobe brain bleeds, but have witnessed him come back to himself after being given a "IF he will not be pretty" report. After tons of time in rehab, various therapies and a lot of prayer (much by friends here), our Dylan is about 95% back to himself. He cannot taste or smell and has some short term memory issues. He struggles with time issues (estimation/management), and some problem solving. The funny thing is, the average person on the street has no idea what is up with him. It's barely detectable, unless by those who really know him. Praise the Lord!! He remains the kid with the best grades in the family, even after the injury--in mainstream classrooms!! LOL He is in the phase where he is having to reconsider his career plans, since the military is not an option for him due to disqualifying physical issues associated with this accident. Prayers for him are appreciated.

    My ds2 (15) This boy was (and still is) the sweetest little thing......but he wears me out!!! He's in high school and plays football and works out at the gym. Hates to read, can't stand to be at school, except for the friend-girls , and would sleep till dinner. He is a mama's boy....but I'm tiiirrreeedddd of keeping up with this one. If I could just have one day that the asst. principal doesn't email me or a friend doesn't tell me he needs some sort of attention....GEEZ. But he's so so FUN!! His plan is to go into the Army, and I have no doubt that he'll do just that!

    Dd2- 12 My little Jenna-she loves school, but struggles. We suspect the Auditory Processing Disorder for her, too. Mainstream public school has not been her friend, but she's got a better set of teachers this year and we are beginning to see her thrive. Otherwise, she thinks all of life is a party and is the most fun, animal-loving girlie around . She loves soccer and anything outdoors or having to do with animals. She even called around to see if local animal shelters would let her volunteer, but had no success . Maybe in the next few years. I'm certain her future will involve animals in some way!

    Hubby and I celebrated 20 years this year, and had great plans to cruise during the summer, but instead spent it caring for our, hoping to do that sometime before another 20 years are up ! He remains in the utility field, and I am teaching in the ESL arena.
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    Christi Are y’all still in GA? Or have you moved again? I keep
    Saying we need to
    Meet when I’m in GA, but we rarely make it to Glennville these days. And now my parents gave downsized she moved to Richmond Hill to be closer to my sister ...
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    Hi friends,
    It's so great to hear so many updates. We're doing well here in AZ. Julie Y and I became friends when my oldest was in 1st grade. We had FIAR co-op together through every volume of FIAR and Beyond! I'm a minimalist, but I have all my FIAR books saved for future grandchildren.

    My ds is in community college and was just accepted at Grand Canyon University for Fall 2019. He's happy to be studying computer science.
    My dd is a junior in high school loving competitive speech and debate. She hopes to attend GCU also.

    I've been coaching competitive speech the past 4 years. I love it! My hubby is still traveling for work. We use his points to travel to speech and debate tournaments.

    Thanks so much, Steve and Jane for creating this wonderful community. I'll be praying for you, Steve!
    Julie, ds (18) dd (15)
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    Well this was a pleasant surprise a few weeks ago! I had been wondering about the FIAR community, am not in touch through FB and behold a Welcome Back thread!! Of course, life happened and so here I am weeks later with an update. What a delight, though, to read the updates and see your faces!
    Steve, I've been praying for you and Jane since I read of your news. God is always faithful and I know he can and will meet your every need!
    Jack and I just celebrated 31 years of marriage and we are going to be Oma and Opa in the near future. We are just the 2 of us now. In the last 2 years we have had 4 different addresses, 2 job losses, 3 weddings, sold the home we built, buried my dear Mom, stood at the bedside of our son as he was in a coma and watched the Lord answer more needs than we could ever even pray for.
    Hopefully have settled for the time being in a tiny town in KS as we spend some time looking to this next season of life.
    here is a bit of the history of educating the Terps.
    We home schooled as long as possible and then due to a difficult living situation joined a CO-OP, which eventually became a full fledged school and as our kids made their way through, I taught K(using FIAR) and 3rd grade for 6 years. Our kids truly used their ability to learn to graduate honorably and with admirable character. I wasn't that kind of student myself so seeing them grow up that way is a complete mercy provided by the Lord.
    Alissa is an RN in Colorado, specializing in cardiac critical care and a true friend of my heart. She is still quick to bring up her favorite FIAR memories and we are collecting all the books we can for her library. She brings a beauty and joy to life and uses her gifts of empathy and wittiness so very well.
    Jake and his Laurie(married Oct 2017) live in Indiana and he graduated with a degree in Mechanical engineering and works for a company that cares for, designs and installs HVAC systems for VA hospitals.

    Nathan and his Rachel(married March 2017) live in Texas and will be bringing a little one into the world, Lord willing, in early 2019. Nate is a pilot for Ameriflight, living a dream he's had since he was 3.

    David and his Jen(married Dec. 2017) are both in the military and serve our country in incredible ways. David suffered a TBI this past summer needing 3 surgeries in a week and a half and has had a remarkable recovery, thank the Lord! This was not the expected medical outcome diagnosed and by all accounts should have died. He will, Lord willing, have to have only one more surgery in the next few months. He has all of his mental faculties and we are so very grateful for what the Lord has done.

    Paul, our youngest, is a police officer in KS and is a wonderful straight talkin' guy. He has so much common sense that I am grateful his being the tail-ender and sometimes lost in the early shuffle(blush)of busyness served to have a good outcome. I learn so much from this kid.

    All in all the foundation set in our home through the use of FIAR and the friendships built really set a stage of unity in our home and with the siblings. I remember the first time I saw Steve and Jane and the FIAR booth. Steve asked what I envisioned in our home as we educated the kids, me standing at the front of the room spouting information with a fire hose type of method or sitting together on the sofa, teaching them how to learn and finding a joy in the process. I was doing the first method and wanted the second method. I truly believe that our home life and relationships at this stage of the game would have looked completely different if we as a family would have chosen differently. THANK YOU, Lamberts and all of you that helped us through those days.
    Much love to you.
    Mom of Alissa-28, Jake-27, Nathan-26, David-24, Paul-22
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    I thought I'd take the time to write more of an update on my family.

    Erin is now 19 and just began her second year at Elizabethtown College as a theatre major / sociology minor. After graduating from homeschool at barely 17, she decided to take a gap year and try to get some health issues under control. That didn't really happen, but she went ahead and started college part time last year. She loves school, and is full time now. It's a challenge for her to manage everything, but we live two blocks off campus, so she lives at home and can sleep in her own bed, get decent food, still see all of her regular doctors, etc. She has been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, POTS, fibromyalgia, and we're investigating GI issues.

    Laura is 22 and is, unfortunately, too sick to work or go to school. She is also diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and POTS, as well as gastroparesis, mast cell activation syndrome, severe daily migraines, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Her passion is writing, particularly YA sci-fi, so even though she doesn't have a job or school, she doesn't just sit around. Even on her worst days, she can usually still write. She is on the waiting list for a service dog, which we think will be a huge help.

    My husband and I have now been married for 26 years. He is still working for the same company, coming up on 25 years, but that will be ending within the next few months. As a result of many mergers over the last few years, the remaining few local office employees will be let go sometime early next year. Even though it will be tough, I truly believe it will be a blessing in disguise, and I see this as a new opportunity for him. He is also still teaching drum lessons and playing in various bands and at several local churches.

    As for me, I could never have envisioned where God would take me. I am working a few part-time jobs, all education-related. I teach two English classes at a local homeschool co-op, I'm a homeschool evaluator, and I'm a private tutor. About eight years ago, I was handed an opportunity to try out teaching ESL, and I've been working in that world ever since. I teach ESL classes for short-term groups, and most of my tutoring is for exchange students and refugees. I love it (and it's almost like homeschooling)! I've also been given some very cool opportunities in the arthritis world. Our family got involved in our local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation about seven years ago, and we've said yes to more and more, and now we work with several juvenile arthritis-related organizations. We collaborate with medical staff and other patients / parents to improve outcomes. I'm able to use my editing and proofreading talents (and some writing) to help create things like research abstracts and patient materials. The girls and I have even gotten to travel and meet all kinds of cool people. I'm on the board for our local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, and I serve on several committees and workgroups for them and other organizations. I hate that my girls are chronically ill, but God has really allowed us to redeem the situation and is helping us use it for good. Unfortunately, it's not just they who are chronically ill; I have a few diagnoses of my own now, too, which we're discovering as we discover things for the girls. Otherwise, I read as much as I'm able, and always have at least two handwork projects going - mostly quilting, cross stitch, and wool applique.

    I guess that's enough about where our family is today.
    Anjie, mom to Laura (22) and Erin (19)
    "Who will I be today: a fool or a teachable sinner?" - Charlie Peacock

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    Anita and Angie, thank you for updates! It’s so interesting to see where life has taken you and so encouraging that there is life after homeschool. I’ve been thinking about that particularly because I have only one more year left.

    Blessings on your girls and and you and your husband, Angie.
    Wife to David for almost 42 years, mom to 9, homeschooling Abby (16). Grammy to 6 granddaughters and 2 grandsons and 2 new babies due in the spring of 19! Homeschooling since 1986, Loving FIAR since 2000.

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