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    Default Monday DECLUTTERING

    This Week's Challenge: Laundry rooms, entryways, foyers, mudrooms- clean them up, hoe them out, get them in good working order!

    School Challenge: Book challenge- read aloud, organize books, set up a reading challenge, display new books, etc.

    Inspiring Thought: History is a guide to navigation in perilous times. History is who we are and why we are the way we are. - David McCullough

    For me today:
    • make a dr appt for R- done
    • dr appt 1:45 for R
    • dr appt for Isaac at 3- an xray on his arm
    • meeting time
    • school time
    • school planning
    • set up meds
    • laundry
    • work on desks
    • make another appt
    • meal planning
    • update calendars
    • art/reading time
    • blog work
    • life group at 6pm

    Monday again! The weather is going to 60* today and my guess is that it's not going to make it because it will be gloomy all day.

    Ok! I've already done a bunch of stuff this morning.

    My biggest thing of the day is figuring out the main course for dinner tonight.

    Have a great start to your week!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    So, I think I'm going back to being sporadic like I did last fall. I'm bad at posting/updating during the school year.

    Today's a big day for dd - she gets her braces off! Tomorrow we'll go back to get her retainer. Hopefully ds will continue the course of having plenty of room in his mouth for all his teeth. He's only lost 8 teeth so far (front 4 top/bottom). Could change once the other bigger teeth come in. I'd be 100% fine with only having 1 child in braces!

    Yesterday I woke up with a headache. Made it through church fine, but it got worse and worse. I napped on the couch from 7-9, then went to bed for good. Got up at 6:30. Feeling better, but I still feel a little off. Hopefully it goes away fully. I don't think I get migraines? But maybe that was what it was - noises and light bothered me. I don't know?

    For today:
    Dishwasher - already loaded and running. Will empty later
    Hand wash dishes - there is quite a stack on the counter!
    Laundry - I'm running out of some things!
    School with dc
    Braces off appt. at 2!
    Watch updates on Cubs game via internet
    Set up appts for eye dr. and oil change

    Cindy - you are so fortunate that your team won their division so long ago! 2 different tie breaker games in the NL today! Ugh!! GO CUBBIES!!

    Heather - nice new avatar! And BIG! I should try to change mine again - that is from 5+ years ago! When I last tried it wouldn't let me, so I just stopped trying.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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    hey! There it is! It told me that it failed, but it worked! Kids are a bit bigger than the last photo I posted!

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    Lindsey: I am so glad you are all ok! Praise God.

    Joelle: Yea for braces off! ..and I hope your headache was just a fluke and not an indicator of migraines. Not fun at all.
    Great picture! The new Avatars must just allow for bigger. It's nice to be able to see everyone in it better.

    So Far:
    bank run - construction loan extended until April (which is just the standard extension, we are hoping to be done closer to Nov/ Dec)
    Coffee/ muffin run - our teeny tiny little town got a cute little coffee shop this summer; I love it.

    For today:
    Get charter worksheets finished - they were due Friday
    clean this living room - it's awful
    Vacuum this living room - it's awful
    paper clutter
    Clean fridge
    Milk run
    CSA run
    Look for boots
    Find home for board games
    Put old coats/ winter gear in donation box
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Lindsey -- OH MY!! Glad y'all are ok!!

    Heather -- that's a lot of appointments! Hope everything falls in place

    Joelle -- Love your new avatar!! Happy Braces Off Day!!

    Jekka -- glad it was extended and hope you find boots

    So far:
    • cooked breakfast
    • saw boys off
    • vacuumed
    • emptied dish drainer
    • washed dishes
    • washed apples
    • made koolaid - ds2 asked for koolaid tonight
    • changed calendars
    • gathered towels & started load washing
    • got the trash can in from the road - it ran early
    • cleaned carpet

    And was out here on my porch by 9:30am

    It feels like 73 and is cloudy. I think slight chance of rain today.
    The boys are working ac today 2 hours from here. They are there and working.

    Hopefully I will sit here a few minutes and get another burst of energy and pick a spot. There are lots of non carpet spots in my house that need lots of work.

    Have a GREAT Monday!!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    I haven't disappeared, just too busy to sit and read and type the past few days! I'll try to get back later, but I just printed some school stuff off and need to run!
    Shay, wife to Rod and mom to Nathaniel(23), Benjamin(20), Nicholas(18), Rebekah(16), Julianne(11), Jonathan(8)and Joshua(4)

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    Wow! Loving that people's pictures are big enough for me to see everyone!

    Right now on this cloudy morning, we are in the middle of piano lessons and I am sitting at the computer showered but with wet hair. I had a huge list of errands to run today, but DH's car wouldn't start so he took mine. Maybe that's God's way of helping me finish the columns in the basement, and get my main level cleaned up a bit.

    So, all that's on the agenda for today is:
    -cut and stain the remaining wood to go on the columns
    -try to find some drywall in the garage to make some patches with
    -sort my mom's winter clothes and get some ready to take to her
    -create a menu for the week's meals
    -take care of admin stuff for prom and soccer

    Heather, it's looking gloomy here too. I wish I had time to enjoy it (relax with a cup of something warm and a book).
    Joelle, that's exciting! P is anticipating that day!
    Jekka, I'm glad about the loan.
    Michelle, I'm hoping we both find a burst of energy!

    Have a wonderful day, y'all!
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    Well, LOOK at ya'll with the new avatars! Love it! I can SEE you Guess I need to work on mine …..

    Lindsey -- about the typhoon. Scary! We've done the tornado thing a few times, and it's nerve wracking! Glad ya'll are okay and hope you can rest tonight!

    Robin -- good luck with columns!

    Jekka -- I saw your post about the self-cleaning oven. I'm So bad about cleaning my oven BUT, I've never had anything but self cleaning, so I don't know how hard it is otherwise ….

    Michelle -- hope you can have a productive day!

    Heather -- lots of dr's appointments -- hope all goes well!

    Joelle -- yuck on the headache. Might be a migraine -- the sensitivity sounds typical. My migraines usually come with nausea, too. Not always but often. They're miserable! Glad you could sleep it off!!


    * Been moving this morning …..
    * Dh reminded me that K's car needs an oil change -- yikes it was 1000 miles over Oh well.... Texted our friend who owns a NAPA place in the next town over, and he told me to be there at 9. So, I loaded up Ben and his math and The Meanest Doll in the World, and off we went (10 minutes away). We got his math finished and got to read some while we wait.
    * M's off teaching piano
    * other kids are working on school
    * we're really, REALLY battling sinus stuff this week. Both boys are awful, I'm miserable with drainage and stuffy/achey ears, M's stuffy, too. We've all been taking Mucinex (and me, Mucinex D) on top of allergy meds. Cale is absolutely dragging today and says he's super tired, which makes me wonder if it's colds vice allergies. Who knows??!?!?

    -- About to go do a more school with Ben
    * after lunch, I have to take Katie to an eye appointment

    And I need to get supper figured out -- probably something in the crockpot ….

    Ya'll have a good MOnday!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    I'm glad I'm no longer the only one with the giant avatar! I tried switching it back and to others and they were all giant. Must be the forum can accommodate larger files.

    So far:
    • made an appt for R- not easy or pleasant
    • made my annual appt- my dr from the last 10 years has left the practice. Sigh. I made an appt with the woman R saw in the spring. Word on the street is that my dr is opening her own practice. I hope that's true, but I think she has to wait two years before opening. Sigh. I couldn't get in with this dr until late November. That will push back my mammo as well.
    • work drop
    • stopped at the store- for a few things
    • got some smelly trash ready to go out
    • rinsed out the trash can- and pulled it back from the curb
    • put the trash in it
    • got the boys moving
    • read aloud at breakfast
    • folded R's laundry
    • moved her laundry from hanging up- into the dryer to do a low, damp dry
    • updated all the calendars- including the dry erase ones
    • started adding to my blog's editorial calendar
    • got the school table ready for today
    • put up the microscope materials-
    • got today's art lesson ready for J- he's doing lesson 7 in drawing 101 in Masterpiece Society
    • started updating today's assignments in the boys' assignment books

    Once this afternoon gets rolling, it's going to fly and I won't be home for most of it. That's troubling when it comes to having dinner ready. Hopefully it will work out.

    J is having a bad day. It's not making school easy today. He was doing well for so long. Today is the first bad day since his last appt. I guess that is a good run.

    I've got to keep the 11th grader rolling and maybe get some meat thawed.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    HW - I hope your life group goes well tonight and that J's day turns around!

    Joelle - I hope the headaches stay away and congrats to your dd for getting the braces off!

    Michelle - You have been busy!

    Robin - I hope your Monday goes well!

    Jekka - Great news about the extension!

    so far:
    school prep - that I didn't do this weekend
    amazon order - shoes for the trip...I ordered a pair of sandals (flip-flops with a heel strap and a pair of TOMS. I've never tried TOMS before, I hope I like them.)
    Morning time

    for us today:
    lots of school
    cleaning - getting ready for the in-laws' next week
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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