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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Laundry rooms, entryways, foyers, mudrooms- clean them up, hoe them out, get them in good working order!

    School Challenge: School storage work

    Inspiring Thought:
    The work your child produces will be shaped by the quality, variety, and accessibility of his tools and materials. - Project Based Homeschooling

    For me today:
    • PTE/grocery store
    • meeting time
    • school time
    • school planning
    • laundry
    • desk work- both
    • group work
    • reading and art time
    • blog work

    I hope everyone has a fabulous day!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good morning!

    I'm about to go to the house because I didn't get there yesterday.

    ChallengesI do need to do the entryway, I threw all the winter gear on the ground getting it together and it's just a mess - but where are those boots? It's a gag at this point, I think.

    For today:
    Clean up this living room
    paper clutter
    verse copywork
    math with a few kids
    board games - I've been letting them do video games for a few days straight and tempers are rising. Why do kids (not all but some - two of mine) have to react so strongly to video games? I wish they could just enjoy them and not go insane with rage after an hour.
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Good morning!

    Heather, that sounds like a good day!

    Jekka, is it certain kinds of video games, or all? My dh was very into video games (though he has never done online stuff), so I always laugh that ds's idea of a good video game is Crossy Road.

    Yesterday was a day. In addition to our normal Monday stuff we also had presentations and a pumpkin contest at 4H to prepare for and then a situation I had to deal with asap came up late last night...So there are some things on my list today that were also on Monday's list.

    *laundry--going now
    *guest bathroom
    *clean out fridges
    *make lunches
    *call orthodontist
    *writing class
    *grocery pick up
    *artist study/tea time
    *swimming lessons
    *trash/recycling out
    *artist study/bulletin board

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Jen - I hope your day is less-stressful today!

    Jekka - My kids also react poorly to too much screen time; it doesn't really matter what kind of screen it is either.

    Joelle - Dan and I leave next Thursday, bright and early. The in-laws will be here with the kids and the dog.

    HW - How did the life group go last night?

    CH1: I will tidy up the laundry room a bit. We still have the "bathing suit bag" in there and I can probably move it to the closet at this point. I keep everyone's bathing suit together.

    CH2: I probably will not get to this today.

    IT: thinking on this one!

    so far:
    bible reading

    up next:
    breakfast for me - everyone else ate
    Morning time (short today, but the kids have lots of other work to do)
    shower at some point
    PetSmart - almost out of dog food! We were right next to it on Sunday and I forgot to get the dog food!

    community group training - they feed the entire family - woot!

    I need to do some more cleaning and picking up in my room as well as making lists for the trip!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Whoa! I was a little surprised by the giant Heather this morning!

    Good Morning!
    We had a warm and humid day yesterday. It was suppose to reach 80*F. I don't know if it did or not, but it was very humid. We will possibly get some rain sometime today. Currently 69*F.

    Yesterday was busy with school and tutoring. Today will be school, tutor lessons, homeschool band, and washing dishes. Dh inquired at the appliance store about our dishwasher. They agreed it was probably the pump/motor and said it would cost ~$170. for a new one. That's around half the cost of a new dishwasher, so when you consider our bottom rack is rusting out, yeah. We'll save for a new one. In the meantime, I'll need a new habit of keeping up on handwashing all the dishes for awhile.

    So far:
    • email management
    • cleared the dish drainer and kitchen sink
    • worked on first tutor lessons
    • got trapped in watching weather videos... the earthquake and tsunami ones... so terrifying and sad...

    For TODAY:
    • continue working on tutor lessons
    • school with ds11
    • homeschool band
    • what's for supper?
    • dishwashing while the pile is small

    Have a great day!
    I never caught up with the threads last week. Hopefully I can keep up this week.
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    Jen - no, it's not all. Let me think: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Wii Sports - those are ones I've banned from time to time. I have no idea what it is about them, but oh my are they triggering. I think it's that they all have super bright colors and a lot of action. The combo of the two does something. My Dh and I have always played video games, I used to go to his house and we'd spend hours playing Diablo and then Diablo II - that was our idea of a good date. The first thing we did when married was spend all night playing Baulders Gate (not even joking). So the thought of taking away video games is horrible to us, but it has to be done sometimes.
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Good Morning
    I probably should have turned on the ac last night but kept hoping it would cool down. It didn't, the house was really stuffy this morning. It is suppose to be warmer today than yesterday too.

    Yesterday morning dh said he would grill burgers when he got home. He got home a little late but fired up the grill. BIL & SIL came over right after. We sat on the porch talking then nephew, girlfriend and their 3 kids showed up. We all stayed on the porch & yard. Dh turned the burgers down.

    Nephew stayed about 30 minutes. After they left and burgers were done BIL & SIL came in to eat with us (dh had asked them to stay before nephew showed up, nephew bunch had just finished eating).

    • school
    • paperwork
    • ds2 to help Gramps - mowing/weed eating farm & mama's
    • laundry
    • update phone
    • photo work
    • pick a spot
    • supper

    The porch is not to bad but I walked back in the house a couple minutes ago and it is really stuffy. I am going to try to open a couple more curtains (windows already open) and hope to get an air flow. Hopefully can keep the ac off for at least part of the day.
    This is the time of year where I like to have nothing running (ac or heat) in hopes of getting bills down some for a few months.

    Ok need to get ds2 moving since he is going to be helping Gramps later.

    Have a GREAT day!!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jen in OK View Post
    Yesterday was a day.
    I must be losing my mind, because I read this and just laughed like it was hilarious. I'm glad you got through it all, though!

    Angela: Shoot! My Dh just called asking if I needed anything. We are out of dog food, too. Poor girl is going to have to live on that bone in the freezer for a day or so.

    Cindy: I think you are wise, half the cost of a new one is over my fix-it budget, too. We've been handwashing for years, because the water here is so hard on dishwashers that it's not worth buying a new one.

    Michelle: Grilling with family sounds really nice! I hope you had a good time.
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Good morning! It's overcast here but looking like it will be sunny within the hour.

    Heather, how's the arm?
    Jekka, I can relate to the boots situation.
    Jen, I hope you were to get things resolved.
    Angela, our Petsmart is closing. We have a PetCo, but it's out of the way, hard to access, and expensive. I think I might be reduced to ordering dog food online.
    Cindy, dishwashers are such a struggle. I'm sorry.
    Michelle, it sounds fun to have family drop by.

    Belle is off to work. Last night's shift ended at 10 (meaning she got home around 11), and this morning's shift starts at 8. I don't know when it will fully sink in that she is living this. And loving it. But I'm glad she does. DH is also off to work, and Boyo is getting the trash out.

    On Sunday, I made a list of everything that needed to happen on Monday. Then DH's car wouldn't start, so that got blown out of the water. I spent yesterday working on the columns. Nothing on Monday's actual list got done. It's not going to get done today, either, but it still needs doing.

    Columns: There is a lot of fiddling and adjusting because (a) I've never done this before or even seen it done and (b) we used #3 wood (every board is a slightly different dimension, there is warping, bowing, etc.) So I'm about an hour away from being completely finished. But there is a little drawback. There are electrical outlets in the columns. Even though we rarely used them and have seriously *plenty* of outlets in the rest of the room, DH believes we need to have these available as well. However, because of my lumber choice, we are going to have to do a little framing inside the column to attach the outlet box to. I can't 'see' DH's plan, so I will have to wait for the weekend for him to enact it. Keep in mind that the weekend is booked solid already. So, I'm not sure when that is going to happen. But if it doesn't happen over the weekend, I will come up with my own plan and resolve it and finish the columns on Monday.

    Meanwhile, I'm kind of scrambling today. I have to pick up our Azure order at 11. An appraiser will be here at 1 to do an interior appraisal. The house is such a mess. Literally every horizontal surface is covered. Oh, and we have company Wednesday night and Saturday night, a friend of Belle's.

    So, today, the focus will be, I guess, (aside from Azure and the appraisal), getting school done, beginning the decluttering process, and dealing with Mom's clothes.

    I hope to get Mom's fall clothes over to her tonight, and to set up this "senior citizen" remote for her tv. She has wanted a tv for so long, and can't operate the remote, so I ordered a "flipper" for her. If this doesn't work, then she'll be unable to have a tv. That will be sad. Plus there will be lots and lots of angry calls she'll be making to me. Ugh.

    It's also dance week. Heather, here is what's going on with that. A local HS mom decided to put together a prom. She did an amazing job for 3 years, but is no longer homeschooling. No one else picked it up, and K is a senior this year, so I became Prom Mom. One of the ideas that the former team did was to implement monthly dances during the school year, and I am continuing in that. This serves two purposes. The first is to hopefully make a little money to defray the cost of prom - otherwise it will be prohibitively expensive. The second is to teach the kids to dance. We have a couple in our community who were competitive dancers and also owned their own dance school prior to becoming parents, and they will teach during the first hour of the monthly dances. This Saturday is the first dance for my team. The previous team was about 15 people; we are 3. So far, I have 6 more dancers registered than I need to break even on the cost of renting the facility. So, we will see what happens.

    Okay, got to go. Got a lot of plates to spin today.

    Enjoy your day!
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    I had a slow start with long phone calls, but then worked until late

    -long phone call with my BFF
    -phone call with my mom
    -math with Addie
    -phonics with Addie
    -ran in to 7-11
    -took Addie to art lessons
    -phonics with Hudson
    -picked up Addie
    -math with Hudson
    -Shakespeare with Wesley
    -Algebra with Wesley
    -History with Wesley
    -picked up dinner at 7-11. I had a Cesar salad and onarizushi (rice rolled in tofu wrappers & lightly sweetened)
    -Science lab with Wesley
    -worked on the sand bag decorating project
    -decorated for dd's birthday. I can't believe she turns 14 tomorrow. I always decorate before a kids birthday so they can wake up to birthday decorations.

    Hudson found a new pet today. Dh went into the neighbor's rice field to retrieve some pots, balls, and other out door things that had blown into the rice field. While there he found a crayfish. He scooped it up to show Hudson. So now he has a new pet. He put it in the empty, cleaned out turtle tank (our turtle got sick and died a month ago). He did some research to figure out what it eats, and how to tell it's gender. At least he didn't find a snake (which Addie would have preferred!)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now Robin and Heather both have bigger faces. I like it! It's easier to see you ladies, especially for someone like me who needs reading glasses, but hasn't gotten them yet.
    Lindsey Carter
    Wife to Chris for 19 years and Mom to Wesley 15, Adelaide 14 and Hudson 11

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