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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Default Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

    This Week's Challenge: Laundry rooms, entryways, foyers, mudrooms- clean them up, hoe them out, get them in good working order!

    School Challenge: School storage work

    Inspiring Thought: The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things. - Plato

    For me today:
    • meeting time
    • school time
    • blog work
    • update my planner
    • studio desk- so I can work there
    • writing desk- just about done, but not all the way
    • tidy the kitchen
    • laundry
    • group work
    • dinner with old friends
    • mall- need to pick up meds and I will take some food to R

    R's had a rough start to her day, so I'm going to swing through campus on my way to the mall and take her some food.

    I've been busy already this morning starting a Facebook page for our church. They've had a group for a long time, but not a page. Weird but true. And I got distracted!

    Time to get some people moving here.

    Have a great day!
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    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Robin -- You ROCK taking over being Prom Mom! And you are doing so many other important things too! Hope the clicker works for your mom

    Lindsey -- totally agreeing on no snake!

    Cindy -- hope you can replace your dishwasher soon.

    Heather -- you are a great mom and you are awesome customizing special times etc for your boys

    Paige -- hope all y'all are feeling better today

    Jekka -- awesome on the house!

    Jen -- girl you are always busy! Way to go getting things done!!

    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Heather -- you would like my mailman. He is funny. Our mailbox is on the porch and he parks up the street and walks his route. He is always smiling and says HI and stuff. Yesterday I was on the porch when he came by. As I took the mail I said "You brought me that million dollar check right?" He laughed and said "you know it". I flipped thru the mail and yelled as he was getting to the neighbors "hey I don't like this mail" (bills) He started laughing and said "sorry maybe tomorrow".
    Hope R day improves

    I turned the ac back on yesterday afternoon about 4pm. The house had gotten hot. Within a few minutes the house felt much better. Did I tell y'all ds1 had cleaned the ac unit Sunday afternoon without me saying anything. He just thought about it and did it.

    • school
    • sheets
    • pick a spot and work
    • paperwork
    • photo work

    Slow moving this morning. I saw every 30 minutes on the clock last night.
    I went to bed fairly early and went right off to sleep. Woke about an hour later and then was pretty much up all night. And the few minutes between looking at the clock, every 30 minutes, that I did sleep I had super weird dreams.

    Have a GREAT day friends!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Michelle- Oh yuck on your night's sleep. I hate it when I see the clock too often in the night! A few examples of my mail carrier: leaves a nasty note on my boxes when he has to deliver them to my door and the drive way is not to his liking- notes like "Clear your driveway. My job is on the line." (never mind that we have a gravel driveway so it's better for him to have some snow on it than for me to shovel it all the way down but leave a layer of snow and ice I can't get out between the rocks) and one time an OYAN family living in an RV was traveling through and she put our address on it. It arrived with a nasty note saying he's not supposed to deliver things here that do not have our name on it. REALLY? Is that why I constantly get mail for the people who used to live here. He's full of it.

    So far:
    • woke boys up and got breakfast
    • did CNN 10 with the high schooler- interesting segment today on biological dyes
    • worked more with the church FB page
    • found today's quote- related to yesterday's quote
    • loaded more into the dishwasher
    • washed a few dishes
    • had the clean dishes in the rack put away

    It sounds like laundry is being moved around and one load wasn't dry. Shoot.

    Time to update some planners!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Heather -- your mailman is a whacked out grump!
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Hello Ladies,

    From yesterday....what I remember?

    HW - I'm glad your community group went well, it sounds like you have an interesting group. I love it when not everyone is not in the same stage of life. That is so nice of you to make everyone dinner! I've found that dinner can be simple, maybe your chicken and corn chowder and some bread? Don't feel like you need to make several courses. In our past groups, when we served dinner, we provided the main course and asked others to bring salad, bread, dessert, drinks etc. We found that other people are usually happy to bring those things and that it is really easy for them to bring or pick them up on the way etc.
    I can see how feeling like you need to eat early would be stressful, do you not think they would be understanding if you explained your allergies?

    Robin - That is so nice of you to pick up the responsibility of prom. I like the idea of the dancing lessons too, very cool! I hope it all works out!
    We would be in trouble if our PetSmart closed down. We feed our dog the PetSmart Authority brand and have since he was a puppy. I've tried to switch brands a few times, but he won't eat other food. Well, a couple of times I bought scratch and dent kibble from my MILs charity (from a vet) and he loved that! But that dog food was super-healthy and super-expensive and is normally more than twice what we pay for his normal stuff. Whenever my MIL gets it, we buy it, but other than that we have to got to PetSmart.

    We mad it to PetSmart for dog food and then to church for Community group leader training, we call it Community Core Team Training.
    The funny thing is Dan and I don't have a core team and we don't have a community group, yet! We are hoping to start one, but it may not be until after Christmas.

    from today:
    Hw - I hope R's day turns around! I know I had some rough days my first semester of college - it was a big adjustment!
    Your mailman is so crazy!

    Michelle - Praying you make it through the day ok! I HATE seeing the clock when I get up in the middle of the night so much so that I got rid of my clock! I can look on my phone if I need to, but I usually don't.

    CH1: I am working on getting caught up and "ahead" of the laundry - is that even possible?

    CH2: I need to clear off the computer desk, big time!

    so far:
    Bible reading
    start laundry
    Table Time, music appreciation, and Spanish

    up next:
    finish school work**
    early dinner? ball practice and dance tonight

    **We set up some mushrooms yesterday for spore prints and it worked! Woot!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Hey all Happy Wednesday! 1/2 the week is gone -- time just flies!!!

    Robin -- how did the remote work for your mom

    Michelle -- how sweet of your ds to clean your ac!!!

    Heather -- that is CRAZY about your mailman! Didn't you see you have a new one recently, though? HEre's hoping!!!

    Lindsey -- sounds like you had a busy day for no school for a b/day

    Angela -- about the mushrooms!

    -- slower morning because dh had a 9 a.m. appointment for a consult for a colonoscopy (but necessary.... his mom has had colon cancer and his grandma died of it, so he needs regular checks). He stuck around the house until after 8. We all had breakfast together, which was nice
    -- took the van in for an oil change and tire rotation Crazy that I had to do that 2x this week with different vehicles!
    -- Ben went with me and worked on his math
    -- came home and finished school with Ben
    -- Cale did poorly on a section of his math test, so we've been going over that and relooking at problems. He's been struggling with it, but he's NOT doing enough "work" -- he's not showing all steps and that's causing his problems. I've said it over and over, and he's not listening. So, now we stop and work on this for a few days and see if he can't get it right!!! It's silly mistakes -- he knows what to do, he's just combining too many steps. Nope!
    -- need to get some laundry going next
    -- figure out easy supper
    -- we have to go to the funeral home at 6 -- will meet Jim there. The mom (someone we know) of a lady in our church died earlier this week. But the funeral home is probably 35 minutes from here -- across town.

    So, still working on school, laundry, food …. typical day

    Hope ya'll have a good one!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Still here. Reading as I can. Busy week. Posting for credit that besides school and activities, I managed to bake 2 batches of cookies and 2 batches of muffins so I could FINALLY make up some care packages for my college students. I feel bad because I was so good Ben's freshman year and poor Nick got left on the wayside with everything in September. Luckily, he's my easiest going kid, so he is also the most understanding. But I have two boxes now packed with plenty of snacks and a few requested items that were left behind and will mail them today on the first dance run!

    Busy weekend coming up. I am on the road Thursday-Monday. Not sure when I will post.
    Shay, wife to Rod and mom to Nathaniel(23), Benjamin(20), Nicholas(18), Rebekah(16), Julianne(11), Jonathan(8)and Joshua(4)

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    Heather, I'm sorry R is having a rough start.

    Michelle, I think we frighten our mail carriers. We have lots of weird things delivered, including things that are alive. Also, thank you. It's a thing I am learning through the homeschooling process - the traditional avenues aren't available to our kids, and if we want things to happen we have to figure out a way to "make it so."

    Angela, I am excited about your spore prints!

    Paige, those happen around here, too, for the same reasons. No fun for him, but it's a nice time of sitting in a comfy chair reading a book for me. I hope things go well for y'all.

    Shay, good for you getting those care packages rolling!

    It's a lovely fall day here. I have done table time with the kids and they are working on their independent work now.

    I took the remote to Mom last night and some warmer clothes - it's chilly in the mornings when she's out walking her dog. The remote seemed to be better for her (it's big, white, and has very few buttons), but the next few nights will tell. After hanging with her for a bit, I picked up K and P from church; they were at a 'crafting party' for the Operation Christmas Child team. Then I watched some of the baseball game with DH and Boyo.

    Belle came home and let me know their tub and sink are draining slowly. I put on my plumber hat and cleaned out the drains. The sink worked fine after, but not the tub. After using all my tools, I realized it was time to give in and call the plumber. Running water in my bathroom sink causes water to come up in my tub and the kids' tub! So, AJ will be here soon. After that, the bathroom has to be cleaned because we are having company tonight.

    So now I have a text to send regarding K's senior pictures, and then I will go upstairs to deal with clothes. I sort of threw a fit on Sunday and threw about half the clothes out of my closet and across the room. Mom's clothes are piled on top. I want to get all the clothes sorted and neatly dealt with.

    I'm a little tired. I've had a pressure headache since last Wednesday. Also, Belle got up at 3 this morning for her 4:30 shift. She's not a quiet person so I would have been woken up anyway, but I do like to get up and see her off. She is still my child, and she is working a dangerous job, and I just like to send her off with love, ya know? But I did sleep in to 8 (my normal 'up' time is 6:30).

    I am considering ordering grocery delivery. I prefer to go to the store, but we need stuff and are out and there is just no time today or tomorrow.

    Have a lovely day, y'all!
    Robin, wife for 22 years to a wonderful man, and mama to 20yo Belle; 18yo Kitty; 14yo Princess, and 12yo Boyo.
    Words for 2015 and 2016 and probably forever: Be her.

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    • school with the boys
    • made lunch for dh and R
    • took lunch over to campus- met them both and delivered yummyness
    • target- for meds and a couple new pillow, and some new hoodies for Isaac
    • michaels- for a few drawing supplies and orange acrylic paint
    • more school and discussions
    • had recycling put out
    • texted with a friend

    Not a day of a lot of production. Time to update the planners and either walk, fold laundry, or enjoy my POH for a few minutes.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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