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Thread: Wednesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Happy birthday Addie!

    Home Construction:
    Got our gas tank install
    Finished almost all of the sheetrock - just the bottom 15 inches around the perimeter of a couple rooms
    Cleaned up some of the debris - little sheetrock pieces, paint trays etc.

    At Home:
    Verse copywork
    Get kids ready
    Convince 11 and 13 year old that this was not a shorts day
    convince 9 year old that bringing a sweater and hat along, even if she didn't want to wear it was a good idea
    Pumpkin patch with homeschool group - it was cold and drizzling, but we had fun. We even navigated the corn maze really well after firing the 13 year old and giving the map to the 11 year old. I've never been to this one before even though it's the closest one to our house - the last place we went was pristinely presented, pretty expensive, and reminded me of a cultivated box store-like atmosphere, not a blade of grass out of place (I don't know if that makes sense) This was a really family friendly farm, chaotic, full of junk and real life things - The pumpkins were in happy, chaotic piles - clearly labeled with prices, the animals were super friendly, a cat followed us around the whole time, a baby goat jumped the fence to get petted, the owners said it was fine and to leave him, all the animals ran toward the fence as soon as they saw people coming there way, and it was just a fun place to spend the day. The sweater, hat, and pants were all appreciated by the end of the time.

    To Go:
    Make supper
    pick up friends from school
    Take kids to youth group
    get distilled water for heating system (ryan will be super annoyed if I forget as it's actually getting a bit cold in there)

    Michelle: Sorry about the sleep! I do that sometimes, and it's always super odd dreams and so restless. I hope tomorrow is better.

    Angela: The mushrooms sound fun!

    Paige: Silas does the same thing with math - he almost cured it with Life of Fred bridges as he hated having to do a second one because of his stupid mistakes (and they were always just stupid mistakes, nothing he didn't know) so he finally settled down and paid attention. Some days, though, he just doesn't - attention to detail is not high on his strengths list (note map reading abilities in corn maze).

    Shay: Awesome job baking for the care packages!

    Robin: Whoa, that sounds like a super busy day, starting with Belle's early morning shift and then the plumbing, and having company tonight - all with a headache. Hang in there!
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    Jekka- Best line= convince 11 and 13yo that it was not a shorts day. For my 20yo, everyday is a shorts day!

    • sent an email tagging out of tonight's meeting- life goes on, but I feel badly I didn't make that connection
    • We just got home from the dinner with our old neighbors. They are hilarious! I miss living down the road from them. They moved away first though.
    • We stopped at Lowe's on the way home and got a piece of lumber for the new giant mailbox to sit on and numbers for it.
    • took the rest of the recycling bins to the curb- found out when I left earlier that only one had been done
    • the thermostats are going in tonight- Dan's been working on them a little every night.
    • dishwasher was loaded and now it's running- the boys forgot to run it after having their dinner and loading it

    Tomorrow looks like it will be another rainy day. Stink!

    AR- you mentioned about onions earlier. I am reminded because I don't feel too great at the moment because tonight's dinner was pork with apples and onions on top. I'm feeling it. Thankfully, there was not much infusion on the pork or I'd have been done. But, it is just enough to give me an issue. As for dinners here, I don't want to put too many parameters on people so this is easiest but they did give us money to cover groceries!

    The tough health week for the boys is bringing me down, girls. It's hard to be cheerful and full of energy when you have sick people around all the time. I hope tomorrow is a better day for us all!

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    Jekka- We plan to hit a corn maze this weekend while the big kids are home!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    So, I'm just hopping on to report that the plumber came, took a look at things, and had to call in the bigger gun. That plumber came, took a look at things, and let me know that he'll be back tomorrow to tear out the wall and maybe the ceiling in my pantry. So, yeah.

    The good news is that I have gone through all my clothes, and through Mom's and now we both have a lot fewer.
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