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Thread: OCT 15th! What are you rowing this week?

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    Default OCT 15th! What are you rowing this week?

    We took last week off, but we will be back this week with Follow the Drinking Gourd. The fall night sky just draws one in and the kids asked for this book. I think they want an excuse to take the telescope out and look at constellations and stars. Hope we have a night that is not too cold and we have time!
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    We'll be heading across the English Channel and 'rowing The Glorious Flight this week.
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    Ds will be finishing Roxaboxen and starting Andy and the Circus. It is so nice to have that book now! When I rowed it with dd it took our library 2 or 3 weeks to find a library that was willing to do a ILL on it!

    Dd will be wrapping up Marie Curie this week.

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    We are finishing Ferdinand tomorrow then on to They Were Good and Strong. That one will take awhile because the girls have asked to learn about Native Americans, so as an extension to this row we are doing a week long unit of Native Americans with some great, living, children's books (Thank you Give Your Child the World!)!

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    We took last week off too, for Canadian Thanksgiving. This week, my younger 2 are rowing Three Names, and my oldest two are continuing with George Washington Carver.
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