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    I love writing but the formality of grammar and punctuation is not my strong suit. Is there a reference that just gives me nitty gritty of these things? My idea is to not have a program separate but to use this guide to teach the concept and then they will dig in their FIAR book or go-along books and find that concept. They will copywork the sentence and label it. I would like to do this through elementary as we plan to use FIAR/Beyond up through 6th grade. I may do an official program after that but for now this is what I could like to do. Any idea of a guide for me I could use? Thank you!

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    I also plan to do this same idea with spelling but the first day introduce the words, the second day they will look for maybe 3 in their books and show me (to see them in context) and the next 3 days of the week practice the spelling itself and maybe do dictation of one of the sentences found on day 5. We won't implement this for 6 months to a year so we have a bit...just thinking of ideas

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    Hi, Brooke,

    I just noticed that you did not get a response to this question. It's late, and I don't have ideas off the top of my head, but just thought I would ask if you have found anything that is helping you with this.....

    Maybe I can brainstorm some things when it's not 11 p.m.!
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    With my older kids, I did what you're suggesting. They were both avid readers and the oldest is a writer. So, for the oldest, I waited until high school, handed her "Nitty Gritty Grammar" and "More Nitty Gritty Grammar." That was all she's ever needed.

    My second needed a bit more than that, my third needed a lot more, and my youngest is along for the ride. I came across a curriculum called "Growing With Grammar." It is a separate program. I started the three youngers on the same level, level 6. We spend 10-15 minutes a day. It's a lot of fun, there is good discussion since we do it together, and we are all learning a lot.
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