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Thread: Thursday DECLUTTERING!

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    We are home from running errands. Boyo is at soccer practice, and I expect DH home around 6:45 or so, so I'm getting ready to start dinner, which is a good thing because I'm hungry!
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    Haven’t had time to
    Read. Been locked out if the site all day on my computer. (Can use my phone but no thanks me)

    We did school and are getting ready for camping
    Cancelled trip to frozen on ice in bham because of the weather — bad storms and possible tornadoes this morning — not worth the risk .

    Tomorrow is coop and then camping, so not sure when I’ll get back on
    Y’all gave a good weekend
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    Hi ladies! I’m up and at ‘em this morning. We are trying to keep a good school schedule going with Wesley.

    So far today:

    -heard from a member in our church that her baby due this month has Spina Bifida and worked out some ways we can help support her
    -Algebra with Wesley
    -started a load of laundry

    Up next:
    -hang a load of laundry
    -Biology with W
    -History with everyone
    -English with W
    -Math with H
    -Math with A
    -Phonics with H
    -Phonics with A
    -Grammar with A & H
    -grocery shopping
    -clean the bathroom tub and toilet
    -mop the bathroom floor
    -clean the washroom sink and mirror
    -get one kid to dust the living room
    -get another kid sweep the living room
    -get one kid to clean the sliding glass door
    -fold 3 loads of laundry
    -figure out plans for tomorrow. It’s my day off but dh is teaching a class, dd wants to go to a Fall Festival and the worship team is talking about going out to eat for a goodbye party for one of our members. So I need to figure out which, if any of these I will be a part of.

    I’ll have to read and comment a bit later. I need to get back to work with Wesley.
    Lindsey Carter
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    I don't even remember what I posted on my list but have been busy ever since I posted

    I decided to clean in my room a few minutes. Oh My Goodness. That few minutes lasted All Day Long and I am still not done

    • moved bed and swept and mopped -- all mopping today is kinda mopping, I was out of Swiffer type pads so I was using my foot and a rag
    • cleaned baseboards
    • moved bed other way and did the other side -sweep, mop, baseboard
    • pushed everything back in place
    • worked on side wall -- moved 3 drawer cabinets (2 of them), swept, mopped baseboards
    • wiped down cabinets
    • went thru 3 drawers of cabinets
    • cleaned piled up stuff off tops
    • moved everything back in place
    • moved the tote and pile from front of chest of drawers
    • moved chest of drawers
    • swept, mopped & cleaned wall & back of chest of drawers and baseboards
    • moved everything back
    • cleaned out a pile of stuff in laundry room
    • washed a bunch of dishes

    I still have 1 area of bedroom but didn't have the energy to do that tonight.

    I also have a pile of boxes on the porch for good will, several bags of trash in the can and have at least 2 boxes of clothes that will be going to a couple moms in hs group.

    I wanted to work longer but I was tired.
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