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Thread: Sunday DECLUTTERING!

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    Yikes Shay hope y'all get power and food is restocked in stores soon.

    Text niece & nephew to see what their kids want/need for Christmas. One of them want the game Twister. We had that game, brand new, never been opened, in the game cabinet. I bought it at a yard sale several years ago for like 50c. I thought the boys would like to play it. Nope never been an interest.
    So tonight I said "hey N wants this game for Christmas" The boys said "give it to him. We are never going to play it."
    1 more present down and 1 more thing out of the house. Win Win
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    Well done on the Christmas gift, Michelle! I'm not sure that I've started yet. I've got my list started. As I think of things, I put them on the list. Then when Dan and I start the Google doc (where we can both see progress online), I just transpose my list there.

    The teens are in bed. J broke with bedtime protocol, so we'll see how that goes for him in the morning. He rode 17 miles on his bike today. Hopefully he's asleep already.

    Just returned R to campus. If her class was any later in the morning, she'd have stayed another night. But, she has an 8:40 class in the morning so it's a campus night for her. She super enjoyed being home. She's been staying here since Wed night. She had a ton of projects due last week and wanted to work on her own studio to do it. It's faster for her in a time crunch and the machines in the university studio break a lot. That's annoying. She also worked a lot this week and it was just an over the top week, but part of what got her through was staying at home during that time.

    I think she's going to do that more. She likes it.'s late. And feels later still.

    Trying to decide whether or not to use a giant sale to get another winter coat type vest. I use them a lot in the house when I'm cold.

    Have a great night!
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