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Thread: Tuesday DECLUTTERING!

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    Holy wow. Took an hour and a half to get our new treasurer signed on to our group's bank account. What the WHAT?

    When I got home:
    • checked in with the boys
    • put the meat I was thawing in the frig
    • poured out the broth I made that didn't get cold enough on the POH last night- oops I forgot about it and it was warm by the time I got up. At least not frig cold anyway.
    • folded the kitchen towels I washed
    • cleaned off the POH table
    • cleaned the french door windows- to the POH
    • cleaned the front door side windows
    • cleaned the side door windows
    • grabbed my laptop and sat out on the POH!!!
    • looked through course work- to see if I had something referred to today. I do!! Woot! I bought it just before I became part of this blogging group. Excellent!

    I'm out here wearing my outwear vest and my cardigan. It's about 60* in the sun. So not really all that warm, but whatever!

    Time to get dh and head over to vote.

    I thawed a pork tenderloin so that's what's for dinner.
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    And I'm back!

    Basically I've made it through all of my list except swimming and sign language class. I think I'm going to work on the closet across from the laundry room for a bit. I got a shoe organizer thing the other day that I think will help...

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    Did some school, and then Ben and I have been running errands all afternoon BUT, we managed to
    * return some items to a friend and visit a minute
    * fight road construction (which is insane right now) and drop off Scholastic to another friend downtown
    * drop off consignment stuff
    * go to Ross and get Ben started with his Christmas shopping He's SO excited -- gifts is definitely a love language of his. We have a very short amount of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to shop, and M told me the other day something she wanted, and Ross had it for $10 -- a perfect gift from a brother to his sister. So, we picked that up, and he found Jim some new slippers (bought him some 2 years ago, and I think they got thrown away with the Christmas trash ), and he found Cale a small tool kit that looks great! C will love it! Checking off the list!!!
    * then we ran by the eye dr's -- I'm looking into getting a separate vision insurance policy but am trying to figure out if it's worth the money. Literally, it's a huge mathematical equation, so I'm doing lots of money juggling and numbers crunching at the moment …..

    * only to call the vision plan and ask some questions
    * boys did history

    Leftover soup for supper.....
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    After table time, we worked on rooms upstairs. I made the decision, based on the fact that we only have 2 area rugs and 1 set of carpeted stairs and all the rest of the flooring is hard-surface, it's time to change out vacuums. We are cleaning up the existing one to sell.

    I went to Costco and Home Depot, and am home now. Gonna work on the kitchen until time to go to the soccer party. Then gonna work on it more when we get home. Oh, and we got the soccer chairs and the wreaths out of the car.

    ETA: Just got the link for K's senior pics today. Feeling a little weepy. They are wonderful, and so fun.
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    Here’s a look at my plans for today:

    -respond to a couple of messages done
    -sweep done
    -set up playgroup done
    -host playgroup
    -practice piano
    -history: we are going to watch some of the election results and discuss how elections work
    -math with W
    -biology with w
    -math with H
    -math with A
    -phonics with H
    -phonics with A
    -grocery shop
    -make dinner
    -load the dishwasher. You read that right. I now have a working dishwasher! Dh worked on it all day yesterday, but it works and I’m so happy!

    Heather, we’ve got the same temperatures here! We had rain yesterday, but today it’s sunny.
    Shay, just thinking about farm chores wears me out!
    Anjie, I hope your upcoming procedures go well.
    Michelle, have fun at your mom’s night out!
    Jen, it sounds like you had a full day.
    Paige, I need to go to the eye doctor, too. We’ve even been given money for glasses, but we’ve been so busy I can’t seem to fit it in. I’m just going to have to drag dh one of these days.
    Robin, I’m glad the senior pictures are wonderful.
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