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    We have the Bible Supplement and have used it off and on. We also read the Bible together. I would really like to merge those. So maybe have the Bible supplement become our Bible time each time. However, with my planning I usually only get a days worth of stuff to discuss. Anybody done this and how do you make it work for the length of a full row? Our rows tend to be 6 days (the 5 days in the manual plus a 6th day for cooking or field trip etc). Thank you!

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    For us, it wasn't complete enough for a Bible curriculum, but I did use it for copywork and handwriting practice at all grade levels, through Beyond.
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    I read the Bible Supplement to myself and then pointed out the application through our reading or events that arose over the week. We didn't use it as a full-on Bible curriculum as I didn't feel Jane Claire had written it as such. Hopefully I'm not mistaken in saying that!

    We used Grapevine Bible OT and NT {a year or so each} as our full-Bible curriculum. My kids loved it. We read the Bible and they drew the little stick figures in their books. Waaaay back in the day when Grapevine first came out you could buy the full OT and the full NT sets from CurrClick which is how we did it and printed it ourselves. What I loved was that as we came to stories or people in the studies my kids would apply it to our FIAR lessons.
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