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Thread: Book recommendations, again...

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    Does your tinkering boy have Mini Weapons Of Mass Destruction? There are a lot in that series. My Dad purchased some for my boys and the books are well cherished for a variety of reasons. They were showing them to some friends who asked if they could borrow them, and the books were a huge hit amongst their tinkerers {including Dad..}
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    Shay, I was just looking at our bookshelves and found a bunch more ideas for your dd

    -- Bobbsey Twins? Too young?

    -- Trixie Belden books -- I LOVED these when I was here age (mysteries). Similar to Nancy Drew but a slightly different feel. They are GREAT!!!
    -- Nancy Drew -- at that age, I had a friend who loved ND -- she had those, and we swapped Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew

    -- The Dear America books? Has she read any of those?
    -- my girls also LOVED the Royal Diaries books

    Has she read Elvira Woodruff books? All of my kids have enjoyed those.

    Bound for Oregon --

    -- Katie absolutely LOVED history at that age, and her favorite book was The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party (non-fiction) It's depressing She also loved WWII books at 11/12/13 (and still does)

    At about 13, she'll be ready for Ann Rinaldi -- GREAT historical fiction --
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