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Thread: Friday DECLUTTERING!

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    • finished dusting the first floor- hmmm did not do the foyer. Some things need to be put away first.
    • dusted our bedroom
    • dusted the baseboards on the second floor- including R's room
    • folded about 6 loads of laundry
    • started another load
    • tumbled some of R's pants- so they are dry for her shift tonight
    • put my new feather pillow into a dust cover and put a pillowcase on it
    • put away the pillow I don't like
    • put away most of the laundry- left the boy piles for them to put away
    • broke down some boxes for recycling- had J do that
    • picked up some clothes in the boys' room
    • put away a few things- to make it easier for me in there
    • J tidied up around the air hockey table- he wants to play

    So, I'd better make a decision on dinner. Plus, I'll get the boys to put their laundry away.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Paige-- Way to go on all those freezer meals. Do you put them in foil pans?

    HeatherW-- How's your new writing/blog planner working? You seem to be doing a lot of writing!

    Angela-- Funny on the beard protest. I hope things get settled soon.

    Lindsey-- How nice to have a ministry support person coming for 2 years.

    • school with ds11 done... good work for a Friday
    • renewed and gathered library materials
    • library runs made x2, ds20 also went with us
    • chatting with dh about a job someone is trying to encourage him to apply for... I don't know, you guys, it's for an executive director position for a community service non-profit... I just don't see it based how he "leads" as a pastor; he's not a decision-maker, or idea generator; he's a great team player, but he's terrible at administration. I don't want to squash his enthusiasm, but then again... this isn't just about his future, but all of us, and I really thought he was going to pursue the funeral director thing. I do think he would be really good at that because it's very specific tasks, and he really likes helping people, and those jobs are in high demand. oy. I know he's flattered that someone (the person currently doing the job) wants him to apply, but that guy doesn't see his day to day functioning. sigh.
    • pizza dough made and waiting for me to make it into pizza

    Well, gotta go make the pizza!
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    Good afternoon!

    Paige, that's a lot of cooking! I will have to get on that again...

    Angela, that's funny about the beard. Dh grew a beard again pretty quickly after getting out of the Air Force!

    Cindy, that's tough on the job. You're right that it is hard because it is everyone's future on the line...Praying for you!

    I read earlier and can't remember all my comments!

    *did some school
    *worked on the kitchen
    *picked up and vacuumed the living room
    *got the headlight fixed
    *visited my grandma
    *came home for lunch
    *went to skating--roller skating--It was CRAZY packed. I guess with the rain everyone decided to go this month!
    *started some laundry
    *started the dinner

    Some friends (sisters that are basically my kids' ages) came home with us after skating. Dd and her friend have been sewing and doing their camp and ds and the older sister are having a heated game of Monopoly.

    My grandma looked so good today! She had had her hair done and was wearing a new top and seemed pretty aware. We stayed about half an hour and left when it was time for lunch. We also left her with a pack of Milky Ways.

    It's still raining and it's cold....Stromboli dough is rising and the last load of laundry is going. I'm going to try to get our bathroom finished up. My friend will pick up her girls in about half an hour.

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    Heather: I'm hoping eventually the dust will settle at our new house, but it still has some new-construction dust everywhere right now. I also have a friend who needs one, and she can't do new carpet as it makes her deathly ill. I know Dan does good research, so I was going to pass it on to her as a good option

    back from shopping/ math club, ran into a high school friend at the store - apparently she lives here (it's about an hour from where I grew up) now. She's having a wine party tomorrow she invited me to, but as she's one of a handful of people I liked in highschool and she mentioned a few people I really don't care to reconnect with, I used I hate wine as an excuse (I really do) and said we should do something another time.

    Settling the littles down with mom and dad for the night - they are going with to their cousin's birthday party tomorrow, and leaving early.
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    Jen- So glad you had a good time with your grandmother!

    Cindy- How is my planner going? Well, I'm still not using it to its fullest potential. I'm ironing out my time blocks and not entirely assigning them, but I am making a point of writing every morning when I get up. I'm not sure it's realistic to get up super early given I'm on bedtime duty from 10:30-11:30pm. I get up at 7, shower, and write until 10. The kids get up a while before that and get food. I stop early if I'm making breakfast. With the late start my teens get, I think that morning block of writing or some type of blog work is a good slot. Given I'm doing the work run this time of the year, I'm not getting the full two hours but it's a start.

    I'm starting to think in terms of working on my blog 4 hours each day- some writing and some other necessary tasks. Still sorting out the looping in of tasks, but I think I can safely assign that morning slot for work. I need to get back to writing more and publishing more posts. So, that's part of what I'm doing.

    Thanks for asking!

    • sat for a few minutes
    • work pick up
    • made a pasta and salad dinner
    • took R to work
    • updated my test blog to the new version of Wordpress- a very big deal in the web world
    • made sure all was well and updated my actual blog- it's been released since early last month and I waited for several updates at my developer's request. Tonight I went for it. Whew.
    • played around in the new editor- one of the major updates to WP is the editor. TOTALLY different. I am learning it and probably faster because I've been using something similar on my sales pages.
    • worked more on my snowflake post
    • decided to try the new editor (I have a plug in that allows me to use the classic editor)- to put up a gallery of pictures of my snowflakes. Oh my gosh. So AWESOME looking in the post! I have to pick up R from work. She's working concessions at men's hockey tonight. Hockey is a THING at Cornell. I hope I can get in and out of there easily!

    Wish me luck! Drop off was a little sticky.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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