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    So I am a very type A person and because of that BFIAR is weirding me out lol. I love the 5 distinct subjects in FIAR . However, I have a 4 year old I really want to use it with. We will have a new baby in a few weeks and I would love to have some BFIAR ready for when she needs some cuddle time. I also want to make it her preschool year (though if it takes less than or more than a year that's fine). Due to that I will add letters, simple math etc. Can I get examples of how you did BFIAR in your home? I want to do some planning because we are using the library for it all (except I own the manual) and since we will be doing some letters, simple math, etc I want to have that down. My postpartum momma brain won't be able to think up things like it can now so I do want it written down.

    I was thinking each row just choosing 2 things from the manual, work on a letter, some simple math (from manual or from just counting books from the library) and either a large or fine motor skill from the back of the manual. Plus, some books that will work with the book we are rowing (for example curious george books with caps for sale or other jesse bear books for that one) so we can work on a letter until it is mastered without feeling rushed.

    My brain can be flexible with time, days we do it, and how long we row for etc. but I really do thrive when I have a simple, yet flexible plan in place.

    That was rambly but an advice would be appreciated!

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    We did B4 for about 30 minutes per day. We read the book and then talked about one or two things from the manual. We checked a lot of go alongs and read one every day. I’m very scheduled and don’t do well without one and if I didn’t have some kind of plan, I would forget to do it. So we had to have more structure and it worked well for us.
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    I also planned BFIAR ahead of time. With my first 2 I just picked the books in order that I wanted to do, then wrote down which activities I wanted to do on which days. I made a 5 day plan just like FIAR. I did also do a few extra activities that I found on Pinterest. With my 2nd two I didn't have time for extra activities, and I found a partial list of letters to go with the books and so did a letter a week as well. (I added to them and ended up with most of the letters done.) If you'd like I can post the list.

    Oh, one thing that I did (borrowing from a post I read about how someone planned their FIAR) is that I put a list of all the supplies I'd need to go with each book on a post-it note and attached the post-it to my planning page for that book (I plan in a spiral notebook).
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