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Thread: Saturday DECLUTTERING!

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    Heather: I'm normally a pretty live and let live person, but constant screaming would drive me crazy if I lived where there were actually people in a neighborhood.

    Robin: I love seeing your homeschool civil war ball. It's such a fun event!

    I'm getting my last load of stuff from my parents' house tonight. It's dark and I'm exhausted. I'm only here because I didn't shut the place up last trip. I did it all alone today so not as much got accomplished as I hoped, but I still did a lot. Dh would have helped, but he already worked all night and first thing he helped with - bringing in an IKEA cube, he slipped on the ice and hurt himself. He is acting like it's nothing, but then when he tries to walk, well, I'm a bit worried it's hurting more than he's letting on... I am glad that he and Cedric have been playing a game of Civilization all day instead. They both needed to relax. Silas helped a lot right away, but he got tired after a few loads.
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    Jekka- Honestly, I don't care. Except I have to hear it. That's the problem. The bottom line. And if it wasn't constant, it wouldn't matter. But, it is. Sigh.

    So sorry you had to move on your own today. I hope everyone is rested and ready to make some things happen or else everyone will be ok with whatever gets done- including you! Either way is a win.

    We ate pizza when it finally arrived in double the time they told me in the email.

    Dan did three shine coats on the kitchen floor. It is a beauty!

    We watched some Hobbit on TV- Battle of Five Armies. Whoa. That was terrible! Way over the top. We own them because I had to complete the collection, but they aren't favorites.

    Oh and I did some blog work for a while.

    If you all have older vinyl floors, I highly recommend the Armstrong products that strip the floor and coat with a non-wax shine. It takes an older floor and makes it new again. Just amazing!

    Not sure what I'm going to do tonight.

    I could do some more blog work for a while, but I might also at least take a look at the book club book and divide it up to see how long this session should be or how many chapters a week we'll read.

    - How are you doing today?

    Shay- If you're out there, we miss you! I hope you are feeling better!

    AR- How's your weekend going?

    Robin- I'm still trying to secure our venue for the Civil War Ball this spring. It's our 10th year, so it's a big deal!
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    Hey all Happy Saturday (even if it is evening )

    Cindy -- on your dh and the job. Praying he can be wise and truly SEE the right path for him.
    AND about WM -- our WM did all that a good while back. I haven't used a "real" person to check out in a good while, and we've gotten good at checking out ourselves. Yes, sometimes it's a pain, but we've learned how NOT to do things so it doesn't register, and we've learned how to do things that are tricky. It typically takes much less time. Hope it works for you!

    Oh, Cindy -- you asked the other day about the pans we used for freezer meals -- we used 14x9 foil pans, but we used as many shallow foil pans as we could to save space. Then some we had to use the deeper pans, and we had 6 one gallon ziploc bags.

    Jen -- good job with meal planning and ordering food! That's huge imo!

    Heather -- UGH on the screaming! Our next-door-neighbors in our old neighborhood got a dog that was insane. Literally, the dog was crazy! They had to hold him back any time the door opened to make sure he didn't escape, and they constantly worried what he would do. They typically left him in their back yard, and even though there was a 6 foot wood fence, he knew when we'd go outside, and he'd stand at the fence and bark at us. We couldn't sit outside, play outside, swim, anything without the dog going crazy. We tried to eat dinner outside a couple of times when it was nice weather, and the dog ruined it. It was crazy! Then, one day, it escaped the house and bit Katie and that was the end of the dog -- they said they took him to be put down (and we never saw him again). He was NOT a family dog and did not belong in a neighborhood!
    Anyway, all that to say that I feel your pain. UGH!!

    Robin -- hope ya'll are having fun!

    Jekka -- How big is your pantry? I can take pictures of mine if you'd like and sent it to you? I have shelves where I've organized different things -- a basket for bread, a shelf for cereal, a top shelf for extra boxes of cereal, an area for canned veggies, one for canned fruits, one for canned tomato sauces, a spot for pasta, a spot for flour and sugar, a spot for baking items (chocolate chips, instant pudding, etc.) Behind the door are narrow shelves that hold canned soup, canned milk, extra sauces (dressings, ketchup, etc). Maybe that helps you get some ideas? If you want pics, just let me know.... (as long as you don't just any messy spots )

    We've been gone all day, but it was a good day. We drove to Huntsville for the deacon ordination of a young man who used to go to church at our church when he was in college (he and his wife did). Several families from our church went, and they were SO appreciative of the support and encouragement. Sweet. It was a long drive but definitely worth the effort.
    Got home and made scrambled eggs, ham, and biscuits for supper.
    The girls had a friend come over and then they went to dinner for church college kids (and a couple of younger siblings like Mattie) at a young couple's house. They'll be back about 10 (with their friend who will spend the night).

    Jim and the boys are watching LOTR 1 extended version

    I just fixed a dress for Katie for church for tomorrow.

    And that's that. Our day.

    Ya'll have a good evening!

    ETA -- Heather -- we're the same way about the Hobbit movies -- WAY over the top and not nearly in line with the books We watch them at times, but they're not favorites!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Paige, I would love to see pictures! Sounds similar to what I do...I guess maybe it's not so much the food side of the pantry that gives me trouble as it is the dishes...

    Had a great time at dinner last night! I got to bed at a semi decent time, but then didn't fall asleep for a long time. I'm hoping to remedy that tonight!

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