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Thread: Mom's Book Thread ~ Week 5 (January 27th- February 2nd)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebe View Post
    It reads really fast - I read it in two days (rare for me). I liked it - it's very un-put-downable, for sure.
    I'm still unsure as to whether I should read this or not. I'm all about endings, it seems!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stacia View Post
    I love when characters' reading habits help define who they are. It warms my heart to them.
    Me too.
    "There is no peace that cannot be found in the present moment." - Tasha Tudor

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    Hi friendly book lovers. I have had another unremarkable reading week. I've had sick kids/husband/myself since December 24 and I'm experiencing (I think) caregiver fatigue. We've also had more than a little drama this week with the aging parent issue. Deep breaths. The best news is that my quarterly report to the school district is DONE and delivered and we're good to go until March. WAA HOO! I've enjoyed reading all of your posts and I'm looking forward to contributing again. Have a great weekend!!!
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    Stacia, thank you for asking about my daughter. Yes, she safely made it to Melbourne. She is with her family now and she is enjoying her time getting to know them.

    Michele, I am so sorry that this past month has been so stressful. The aging parent thing is really hard. I know now why they call this season of life the sandwich generation. I do feel like I am sandwiched in between the problems of my mom and the problems of my children. I hope that the situation with your parents will end up on a positive note. Hugs to you, my friend.

    Rebe, I have just finished Where the Crawdads Sing. I don't think I can accurately put into words how I feel about this book. This book has wrecked me. Kya will stay with me for a long,long time. The Writing was exquisite. The story was heartbreaking yet comforting. And I loved the ending!! I thought the story demanded that ending. I have read some really good books this past mo th but this book was the best by far. I was almost sad when I finished it. I miss Kya.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JuliaT View Post
    I thought the story demanded that ending.
    Agree 100%. That's a good way to put it!
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