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Thread: Monday DECLUTTERING!

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    Paige, I'm sorry you have people feeling so bad.

    Heather, your time on the POH sounds lovely.

    I got some things accomplished off my list, though not as much as I had hoped. Still, it was pretty ok in the productivity department.

    One thing: I bought concert tickets. Yes, I have an addiction. This was a band K and I wanted to see but the tickets were way out of our price range. K found tickets for them in the $40 range, so we jumped on them. I'm excited. It's a band on my bucket list; K is excited because she wrote her OYAN novel based on one of their ballads. She knows their music really well.

    Co-ed soccer practice (run by K) started this afternoon. It was a small turnout but good. Another mom and I walked the entire 90 minutes. Briskly. I stopped at the grocery on the way home. DH called while I was in the car. He's traveling the rest of the week.

    While I was at the grocery, the carpet guy (the good one) called; they will deliver tomorrow.

    Now I'm getting ready to pop ribs in the IP, and throw some radishes and Brussels sprouts in the oven for dinner.

    I think I need to order some sneakers before soccer season starts. Soccer practices are a great time to get some walking in, but I haven't had walking shoes in a few years.

    Have a lovely evening!
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    Robin- Enjoy the concert! I used to be a concert goer and Dan and I used to make some rounds the first few years of our marriage. We make time for our favorites when they come through town. Looking forward to our concert next month!

    Paige- I hope your family is on the mend soon!

    Michelle- I sure hope no one else gets it. Dan is suspicious my headaches last week were the same thing. Maybe so...but I can throw a headache any day with my allergies.

    • got the soup in the IP
    • went for bread
    • played another game of Sushi Go with J
    • served up dinner
    • took my walk- I'm feeling slow right now, but I'm putting my time in. Could be I was sick...

    I think I will answer some emails and then take care of that guest post.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Paige - hope everyone feels better quickly!

    Robin - YAY tickets & carpet!!

    Heather -- YAY for taking your walk!

    I don't remember what was on my list but here is what happened.
    • school
    • bank
    • paid bill
    • dropped off deposit for upcoming hs group skating party
    • met group at McDs for coke & talk
    • laundry - washed & folded
    • cleaned 1 bathroom
    • cleaned bottom 1/2 of bakers rack & floor under it (dining room)
    • cooked supper -meatloaf, carrots, black eyed peas & carrots
    • clean up
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