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Thread: Thursday Decluttering 2/7/2019

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    Default Thursday Decluttering 2/7/2019

    Good Morning Friends,

    I'm posting for HW because she is having difficulty with the boards.

    CH1: Bedrooms

    CH2: School Supply Inventory

    IT: "The first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day is to have my soul happy in the Lord. - George Muller

    - - - Updated - - -

    Good Morning Ladies,

    CH1: All the bedrooms need attention. I'll try to post what we get accomplished.

    CH2: We are pretty good here, but I do need to look at my Amazon list because I think there are a couple of books I need to order before the year is out.

    IT: I read this recently and really like it. Getting the day started while my attitude is poor, just isn't good for anybody in the house!

    so far:
    Dan was up at 5am,maybe earlier, because he heard something in our wall. He was up, climbing on the ladder and on the roof before the sun was out trying to see what it was and to get it out. He was unsuccessful, but I am sure he will be back at it tonight. I am under orders to listen for the varmit and try to figure out where it is.
    Bible reading
    Women's ministry e-mails. I was supposed to do these yesterday, but I do my best writing in the morning so I put it off...

    up next:
    Table time

    for the day:
    kitchen floor - so dirty!
    early dinner
    general clean up
    community group core team meeting here. We start the group later this month.

    Have a great day!
    Loving, learning, and living in central VA with my adventurous husband of 14 years and our three children.

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    Good Morning!
    Thanks Angela for helping out here.

    I slept in this morning. It's grey and cloudy. Yesterday was the same, plus light fog off and on, and rain off and on. Currently 45*F and suppose to get up to 60*F. But no sunshine.

    So far I haven't been very productive: email management and reading, caught up with social media, put some books on hold at the library (thanks Jen), washed up the dutch oven from the other night, looked through my amazon wish list to see what books I had in there, got caught up with reading here.

    Amazon sent me an email for a $5. kindle book credit, so I claimed that and got a recommended literacy/science of reading book that was only a couple dollars, then another kindle credit popped up! I now have a $7. kindle credit that expires in 7 days. I can't decide what I want to get. I don't get many kindle books unless they are free, so I'm trying to choose wisely.

    For the rest of TODAY:
    • school with ds11... who I'm letting sleep in... he's on the tail end of his cold, so if he's still sleeping, he must need it
    • update school planner/journal
    • what's for supper?... dh won't be home until late
    • homeschool band
    • + the household chores, of which there are many, and I don't know what direction I'm heading right now.

    Bedrooms: Oy. Ds11 has a good handle on his. The master pile has taken over in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is my least favorite place in the whole house. I can't stand it. It collects everything and is just yucky. We've never done anything with it since the day we moved in. It's is not the sanctuary I wish it was. Sigh. It needs a complete make-over. I don't like the furniture anymore. It's what we got when we were married, circa 1987. Think large knobby wood. So, I may tackle some of that master dump pile, or not.

    School supplies: We are good. We don't use that many anymore since it's just ds11.

    I had some comments for reading up the last few days, but have forgotten most of them.

    Robin-- Sorry about the news about Elvis.

    HeatherW-- Glad E. is holding his own so well. Glad J.'s appointment went well and he's doing better.
    Wife to Pastor Tim and Mom to April (graduate), Erica (graduate), Jacob (graduate), and Jesse (5th gr).

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    Hey, Everyone!

    Cleared the cache in my web browser and here I am! Should have tried that earlier. Thanks to AR for starting today's thread!

    For me today:
    • get recycling out to the curb
    • school time and school planning
    • update planners
    • laundry work
    • bake cookies
    • wash E's bedding- so we can set it aside clean while the painting in the boys' room is happening
    • planner school
    • read aloud
    • play games
    • start a pork roast
    • blog work
    • boys' room- prep for painting
    • put away a few items on the first floor
    • choir

    Today my focus is on writing with J and chemistry with I. CK-12 is making me crazy in my head, so I'm switching to the Prentice-Hall chemistry text I have. I do this every time. I ought to just use it from the start. It's the chemistry CK-12 I hate. The other courses are fine. I'm not sure I'll use the Oak Meadow syllabus I have for it or not. Either way, today we'll use a Spectroscope and this weekend it's flame testing! I need to find the pictures I took for that a long time ago, but not that long. It's when R was doing chemistry. The pictures must be on the card.

    This morning I've looked over school work we will do today and I spent a long time working on a microscope landing page and content for my website. Excited to put this into full motion!

    Have a great day!
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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    Good morning!

    Thanks for getting ti started, Angela! Heather, I hope you are back on soon!

    Cindy, I went and pulled the Golden Key book so we can start it next!

    I never got back on yesterday, but it was a productive day. I'm just ready for our super busy skit season to be over. If it was just our regular stuff it would be fine, or just the skit stuff would be fine, but it's all of it combined that does me in! Today's another busy one...

    So far:
    *breakfast in the crock pot at 5:00
    *went back to bed until 6:30
    *got myself ready--unlike the other day when I started and then never got back to it....
    *finished up our read aloud
    *had the kids write some thank you notes
    *signed dd up for an overnight event at church

    The rest of today's plans:
    *school--ds has started and I need to do some math with dd
    *our bathroom
    *grocery store--I need dip ingredients for tonight
    *swim team
    *Street Cats
    *take dd to my mom and dad--they'll take her to gymnastics later
    *home--make dip and ds will get cleaned up
    *4H meeting--hopefully not too late
    *check Audible sale
    *fill Valentine mail for the morning

    I also need to seriously think about scheduling for Saturday. It's our perfect storm day when the Daddy Daughter Dance and the hospital party collide and we're also throwing in my niece's birthday party and I'd really like to get a pedicure....but I need to see what is actually manageable.

    Have a great day today, friends!

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    Angela - thanks for starting this and hope you find the varmit or it just leaves

    Cindy - our master bedroom isn't great either. YAY on kindle books!

    Heather -- Glad you got on! When the painting starts where will the boys sleep?

    Played phone tag with MIL this morning. She called, I didn't hear phone. Called her back, no answer. She immediately called me back. Come to find out her original call had been a mistake Trying to do something with her phone and hit a wrong number She still talked for about 30 minutes.

    Today's list is basically same as yesterday:
    • kitchen
    • dining room
    • photos
    • meals

    I need to finish the dining room so I can get it off my list. But I am at a stand still with what to do with a lot of that junk in there.

    Rainy & windy this morning. Good reading and napping weather but I will try to stay busy.

    Have a GREAT day!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Jen -- your Saturday But you are wonder woman and can do it!!

    I tried posting a few minutes ago and it said something about forbidden I wasn't allowed??
    Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative.. Think differently and positively.
    Wife to Brian and Mama to 20yo ds, 17yo ds

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    Bedrooms: I need to build closets. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to build closets I hope I can just get away with making rolling room dividers.

    School Supplies are everywhere. I don't have a spot for anything yet. So they're scattered throughout my house and my parents house, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to figure out what I need have maybe another day.

    So far,
    Laundry, almost caught up
    Plowed drive until I ran out of gas. I got as much as I needed none of the extras.
    Breakfast, made to order eggs. I was in a compliant mood. I am grateful no one asked for boiled.
    Science with kids.
    Titus made a hydraulic claw with his tinker crate from kiwi company. Silas helpee him; they work together really nicely.

    Need to:
    Print off science sheet
    Print test opt-out form, send it back to charter school. this school set up the testing site an hour and a half from my house. Then they scheduled my children for three different days. I emailed them about it, and managed to make myself out to be the good guy by opting out. they really discouraged opting out in most cases, so this is excellent because I had absolutely no desire to make them do these tests anyway.

    it's a snow day. It snowed about a foot or so last night, and there are drifts all over the road. Our road hasn't been plowed yet. I'm not going anywhere. someday the roads will be nice, my kids will be healthy, and I can go to the library.
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Michelle: I accidentally called my bil last night. Luckily, he ignored this and nothing came of it. I'm glad it wasn't my MIL or she would talked for 1/2 hour, too!

    Jen: good luck scheduling Saturday! Have fun at Street Cats!

    Heather: glad clearing the cache worked. Good luck sorting out chemistry, at least you have plenty of choices.

    Cindy: I'm pretty sure I put the same books on hold, and I still have three here to finish and a couple already waiting. I better read faster.
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    Hey all

    Heather -- glad you figured out the clearing the cache
    Mattie is using the Prentice Hall Chemistry book and Oak Meadow stuff this year with coop.

    Jen -- Saturday sounds crazy busy! Hope you can figure it all out!

    Jekka -- everyone over the sickness?

    Cindy -- oooooohhhh -- free kindle money. I'd have a hard time deciding, too

    Angela -- hope your day is going smoothly!

    Michelle -- you enjoying pretty weather today? Ours is going to hit almost 80 before it drops 30+ degrees tomorrow Definitely going to get outside and enjoy at some point.

    * didn't sleep well last night -- dh was travelling, and usually I'm okay, but something woke me up and I struggled to sleep most of the rest of the night. I may nap soon Dh will be home tonight
    * took Ben to the eye dr this morning for just a regular check -- all is well
    * M went to Piano
    * she came home and then K took the car and went to work.
    * Ben and I ran by Aldi for a couple of things and then came home
    * talked to my sister on the way home and that carried over for a bit
    * just ate lunch
    * now it's going to be time to get some more afternoon school in
    * then get some sun
    * maybe nap
    * dh wont' be home for supper, so I think I'm doing spaghetti (Ragu ) and meatballs for supper -- kids love it. Dh and I don't. Perfect meal when he's not here

    * been grading papers for tomorrow.
    * need to plan coop lesson for tomorrow -- I actually know I planned it, but I need to review what I said I was going to do

    Ya'll have a good afternoon!
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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    Paige: they are on the upswing of being healthy, anyway. Spaghetti when your husband is away sounds nice and easy, just how kid friendly meals should be.

    So far:
    finished school
    Made sweet and sour stir fry
    Came up with cheap, easy closet plan that I hope to try out in one room this weekend. I do not at all want to drywall.

    Afternoon plan:
    Clean kitchen
    Clean pantry
    Help Titus clean his room
    Bring kerosene heater to garage
    Exasperate Dh (aka bring in the green loft, clean the green loft, leave pieces of green loft in the common room, ask Dh if there is a way to use the pieces of the green loft in titus's very clean room. Possibly cutting it down into a bed).
    Mom to Silas (13), Cedric (11), Aria (9) Titus (7)

    Look on education as something between the child's soul and God ~ Charlotte Mason

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    So, I crashed this afternoon. I knew I didn't sleep well, but I didn't realize how poorly. I decided to take a nap and slept almost TWO hours That's unheard of for me! Guess I was exhausted!

    Needless to say, not much school that involved ME happened Fortunately, the big kids kept plugging on with their work.

    Mattie and I worked on our puzzle.
    Spent a good bit of time outside -- boys played basketball, then M joined them and they played something else. I walked for a bit
    Came inside to clean up -- vacuumed and swept and tidied kitchen and den.
    Loaded up van with recycling to drop off at bins in town tomorrow.
    Got homework sheets printed out for tomorrow.
    Only 2 more essays to grade
    Fixed supper -- kids were THRILLED with the easy offerings
    Been piddling on the computer while the kids watch tv.
    About to do some Bible study, grade some papers, send Ben to shower, and then wind down for the night.
    Dh got a much later start from Nashville than expected, so he'll be late getting in.
    Wife to Jim and Mama to Katie (1/01), Mattie (9/02), Cale (4/05), and Ben (8/08)

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