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Thread: Friday Decluttering 2/8/2019

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    Hey all It's FRIDAY!!!

    Angela -- SO thankful the candle/wax mess was not a full-fledge fire emergency!!!

    Heather -- glad you're able to get on today

    Lindsey -- good to see you back So what kind of team are you creating?

    Cindy -- Brrrrrrrr -- stay warm!!!

    Michelle -- this is a YUMMY new recipe I tried -- it's now a family favorite. The kids BEG for it It's spinach white bean enchiladas with pepper jack sauce. I added chicken. I used flour tortillas vice corn, and I didn't not use pepper jack cheese because I didn't have any It is absolutely delicious!!! I made one one time into a casserole/layers because I didn't have enough tortilla shells. Absolutely wonderful! And it happens to be what we're having for supper tonight

    * we had coop this morning
    * ran to Panera for lunch for soup
    * ran a couple of errands
    * ran by the library
    HOME to just relax a bit -- talked to Katie (she worked this morning and then did some school).

    Just put supper in the oven.
    Probably a movie tonight ….
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    Hey Y'all,

    I have a couple minutes before I need to head out to the women's meeting. It is on the other side of town, on the N/W side of the city and honestly, I don't really like driving over there. Oh well!

    Dan and the kids made it to the dealership and they are still there. They added a bunch of fees onto the car, more than expected because we expected some, and Dan is trying to negotiate. They will be home late! They may stop at my in-laws' house if they are home.

    while they were gone I:
    ate lunch
    took care of some e-mails
    ran to Costco and Aldi for things for tonight and a thing we are invited to tomorrow
    cleaned up the kitchen
    prepped for tonight; the topic and food
    discipleship homework
    worked on my crochet project
    fed and walked the dog (In the he would use the bathroom there and NOT in the house! It worked)

    HW - That is so sweet of you to send packages to E. Also, I can't wait to see your onion slides. What are you using for stain?

    Lindsey - Praying you feel better soon

    Shay - Glad to hear the quote was motivating. Wow! no wonder you are tired, I would be exhausted if my sleep was interrupted so much. I sleep about 7 hours and usually get interrupted only once.

    Michelle -

    Paige - Sounds yummy

    Jekka - Oh man, that WOULD have been terrible. yes, I am just glad everyone was ok!
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    AR- today we tried methylene blue on the onion cells and they look pretty good! I was think it would make it too dark, but we can see the nucleus. Joshua is insisting we repeat with iodine because most people have that, but that's only going to stain the cell walls.

    This afternoon I set up my light kit and took lots of pictures. I need to take more, but that was a good run. I want to get more of the onion cells under the microscope. Tried looking at kosher salt to get some pictures and update my salt experiments from Apple Pie. Those are two more microscope posts I'm updating.

    The tea was fun. We played two truths and a lie which was hilarious! Mostly it was just talking. I'm glad I went.

    Then I came home and like ten minutes later left to get R. Dan and Isaac were playing chess. They'd had a guy night.

    AR- What is your crochet project?
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (20 ds, 18 dd, 16 ds, 13 ds).

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