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Thread: How to Make an Apple Pie...DVD

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    Oh- and I meant to say that thier is a computer game for How to Bake an Apple pie. I bought it from a used book seller that I frequent and it's great! The kids LUV it!
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    How much fun!! We love "Apple Pie"...I don't know why looking at Reading Rainbow DVD's never occured to me We have enjoyed many of the shows. Thanks so much for this info!
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    There is an episode called Bored! Nothing to Do that is a great go-along for The Glorious Flight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer Unsell View Post
    Their are a lot of reading rainbow videos that tie into the fiar studies. We have used a lot of them over the years. Their is one on lighthouses that is great for The Little Red Lighthouse and Great Gray Bridge. On that same lighthouse video a man shows how to make a ship in a bottle which ties into Janes lesson for Arrabella (Vol 4). Their are some that tie in well to Gullywasher and Roxaboxen and Mrs. Katz and Tush is on Reading rainbow as it Katy I believe. I wish I could remember exact titles for you. You can search their site though.
    Good ideas!!!
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