The Three R's forum exists to help rowers find answers to question about subjects that go along with FIAR. Subjects like math, phonics, language arts, foreign language. If you have questions about other *complete* programs please consider visiting another website (like the one listed below). The FIAR forum is here to encourage those who are on the FIAR journey. When we ask about adding another full curriculum to FIAR or switching to another program we're sending the message that FIAR isn't enough. And we all know that's not true!

This is directly from our Posting Guidelines which is found under FAQ:

Discussions about other curricula should be posted on The Three R's Board. We prefer that posts comparing Five in a Row to other unit study curricula be kept to a minimum and preferably be posted on the Christian Homeschool Fellowship boards. Most unit study programs have their own websites as well as message boards. Please do not use the Five in a Row message boards to promote other literature-based or unit study programs.

Thank you for understanding.