Removing posts is becoming a bigger job in recent months. Let me give you a little background.

THESE forums exist to provide, help, support and encouragement for moms who have chosen to homeschool in general- and use Five in a Row specifically.

We do that in 10,000 ways on the many forums on this website: advice, information, encouragement, prayer, exercise, cooking, organization and more.

BUT... we are being strangled by the blizzard of posts for blog giveaways, "please vote for (fill in the blank), etc.

It seems the cyber-world is abuzz these days and every business and individual is desperate to draw viewers to their website or blog. Fair enough.

But with 1000's of registered FIAR users on these forums, there isn't an hour that goes by anymore it seems, that someone isn't posting a free blog giveaway for themselves or a friend, or asking people to come and vote for their blog, or vote for their niece in a beauty contest, or vote for their favorite charity, entertainer, etc.

The problem, as you can easily imagine, is that if we allow all of these posts, they will quickly overwhelm the forums and the helpful, important messages of support will be pushed further and further down the list of forum topics until they can't even be found anymore.

We try to remove every one of these "nuisance posts" (That's my term because they're a nuisance for the staff to remove! although I'm sure they're meaningful to each individual poster) although occasionally one slips past us and then it seems to form a "precedent"- "But so-and-so's post didn't get removed so why did you remove my post?"

It was an oversight. That's why so-and-so's post didn't get removed. If we'd caught it we would have removed it!

We also try to personally PM or email every poster when we remove a post, but there are times when there are so many that we don't get everyone notified. It's nothing personal- just trying to keep up.

So Tweet and Facebook to your heart's content with every contest and giveaway and voting opportunity you can think of. That's what social media seems to be for these days.

But please- let's keep THESE forums for the purpose intended: Supporting, helping and encouraging one another on our Five in a Row homeschool journey.

Thanks for understanding friends,