It has been awhile since I've updated this thread with what we've done, and I wanted to add a few more ideas for others who might find them helpful.

For Gramma's Walk we took a printable map of Canada and coloured all the shoreline blue, representing beaches. We talked about the variety of shoreline found in Canada (sand, pebbles, rock cliffs, ice, etc.)

When we rowed Night of the Moonjellies, we learned about the Maritime Provinces rather than about New England. We coloured and labelled them on a map of Canada, and I believe I pointed out how close they were to New England.

Warm as Wool was a great starting point for a bunny trail on Canadian Western Pioneers. I found much information about Oregon and California, but had to dig a bit to find good resources about Canadian pioneers. Discovering Canadian Pioneers was a great one, as was the original (Canadian!) version of Barbara Greenwood's book, A Pioneer Story. I have found this Canadian Flyer book since - I haven't read it but like others that I have read in the series.

When we read Henry the Castaway we read about various Canadian Explorers. We chose one and placed the Story Disk on an area they explored. (I believe we chose Henry Hudson and put it on Hudson Bay).

Three Names - We learned about the Prairie Provinces, choosing one to put our story disk on. We coloured and labelled them on a map of Canada. We read some library books about them.

When we rowed All Those Secrets of the World, I used the lesson on Chesapeake Bay to talk about what bays are, and we labelled a number of Canadian bays on a map of Canada including Hudson Bay, James Bay, Ungava Bay (good review), the Bay of Fundy and Baffin Bay.

When we rowed Mrs. Katz and Tush we talked about immigration in Canada, and in particular about Pier 21. We also watched this video and this video.

When we rowed Climbing Kansas Mountains, when we did the lesson on the symbols of Kansas, we took a look at provincial symbols and even some Canadian symbols. We also did the salt map lesson with a map of Canada.

We have yet to row it, but when we row The Hatmaker's Sign at the end of this year, I plan to compare and contrast the American colonies and the Canadian colonies, as well as their decolonization. There is some information I have found to help with that here.